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    • 2021-12-17

The bakery that is currently getting the most attention in Tokyo, with lines forming more than two hours before opening by bread lovers from all over Japan, opened in Omotesando. This bakery, which has its main store in Fukuoka, opened a store in Omotesando, which attracts highly sensitive and fashionable people, and has quickly become the talk of the town as the bakery of choice for bread lovers in Tokyo.

Starting from when you first step into the store, you will be greeted by about 150 types of sweet buns and savory bread, offering excitement and sensations that could not previously be experienced at a bakery.

Let's explore the charms of this bakery one by one!

■ Features of bread from AMAM DACOTAN Omotesando

What makes this bakery special, after all, are the ideas that only a chef with a background in Italian cuisine can come up with.

The sauce and ingredients of the savory breads coming together like fine cuisine, each bread will astonish you.

Now, have a look at these bread recommendations.

Savory bread recommendation: DACOTAN Burger

The No. 1 burger is a crispy bun filled with an overwhelming volume of crispy purple cabbage and seasonal vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin and turnips, along with homemade cured sausage. The bread is impressive, with a texture unlike anything you've ever seen in a bakery before, and it's perfect for lunch!

▲ A very colorful and beautiful DACOTAN burger 1 piece 572 yen (tax included)

Sweet bun recommendation 1... Premium Pistachio Cream Bun  

When a chef who loves cream is making cream buns, a cavity is created in the bread and hoping to surprise you with its 2 layers of cream inside. The two cream flavors, custard and pistachio, will form an exquisite union in your mouth, so delicious!

▲ Very cute looking premium pistachio cream bun  1 piece 464 yen

Sweet bun recommendation 2... Fresh donuts

When eaten right out of the fryer, this donut melts in your mouth and offering a texture you've never had before.

▲Fresh donut 237 yen/ 1 piece

■ Fresh and Hard Bread Recommendation: Mentaiko
Peperoncino Baguette

 When he was a chef at an Italian restaurant, the peperoncino he cooked with Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) was so popular that he decided to try it when he started his own bakery. It has an original texture not found in any other bakery, and on top of packing a punch with garlic, parsley, and pepper, it is filled with a special cod roe butter.

▲The wrapping paper for the bread is also very stylish, and the bread looks great. Mentaiko Peperoncino Baguette 486/ 1 piece

It is the first bakery in Fukuoka to offer the simple Maritozzo

 The brioche dough melts in your mouth, it's a candy-like bun. The fresh cream is imported daily from Kyushu. It is rich but light, and a little whiter in color than the cream from Hokkaido.

The addition of orange peel makes it more creamy than the ones from other bakeries, but also keeps it light and sweet.

▲The store's recommended drink: Original Chai Milk Tea 600 yen and Maritozzo 356 yen/ 1 piece

Besides bread, there are lots of other fun things to shop for!

Perk 1 - Interior design... It's like you've wandered into an imaginary world!

   When you step into the store, you will be surprised by the wonderful interior design. What is very important to the store owners is that when customers come to the store, they think, "The bread looks delicious and it looks like I've wandered into an imaginary world and that is fun," so they enjoy shopping and have good memories. The concept extends not only to the space, but also to the chairs, tables, bread displays, and equipment placed in the store, so don't forget to take a look around when you are buying bread.

▲Just look at these pictures and you'll get an idea of how great the interior design is!

Perk 2... You can reserve bread online in advance.

If you purchase your favorite bread from the "Take Out" section on the official website and use electronic payment, you can pick up your reserved bread at the store (pick up possible after 11:00 a.m.)
This is a great service considering how many people wait in line.

▲In addition to the interior design of the store, the bread display tables are also very stylish, and the bread is arranged in three dimensions, which is very exciting and makes you buy more bread.


Perk 3... You can also eat at the store

You can eat inside the restaurant (there are counter seats or table seats), but there is also a terrace in front of the restaurant with antique tables and chairs, which is recommended on sunny days. Not only do they have bread for purchase, but they also have coffee, chai, and other drinks, and freshly made French toast and other menu items are available.

▲It's great to enjoy freshly baked bread and drinks on the terrace in front of the store, on antique chairs and tables selected by the owner himself!

The owner's message to guests visiting Japan is "Just experience it!"

  He wants people to want to go there and see, choose and eat there by themselves, rather than getting it as a souvenir from someone else.

The bread display tables are lined with a variety of breads from one end to the other, and the owner is very happy to say that he never betrays his customers.

The vegetables carefully selected and prepared are used up on the same day, and breads that do not taste bad but are not shaped well are sold as a fun box (100 yen for 3 pieces). The shop is also actively working on the SDGs.

Because the bread is handmade, the staff is busily and happily working even before the store opens.

Amam Dacotan Omotesando Location & nearest station

    3-7-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Nearest Station:

    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Hanzomon Line Omotesando Station
3 min walk

    Tel.:    03-3498-2456

    Business hours: 10:00-19:00

    Closed Days:  Wednesdays and the second and fourth Thursdays             of the month