Enjoy Japanese crafts and tea in a 130-year-old Kyoto townhouse - KYO AMAHARE, Kyoto

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    • 2024-05-11

▲photo by Satoshi Asakawa

Enjoy a relaxing time and a cultural experience in a 130-year-old Kyoto townhouse. Here, you will find crafts and artworks collected by the brand director from artists and workshops all over Japan, and visitors can experience a cultural experience of tea making in the tea room. The first floor of the store houses crafts and a teahouse, while the second floor displays artwork and furniture.

Let’s take a look inside the store!

■Recommended Art Sculpture・・・ Artist: Mizuta Norihisa “Impala” 165,000 yen, and Shimoo Design “Fuyou BRION TABLE L Nezumi” 220,000 yen (all prices noted are tax included)

 The upper part, “Impala,” is made by arranging a piece of driftwood, which while retaining the strength of the material, also gives the impression of quietly appealing to the viewer when looking at the piece. For the lower part, the table, which at first glance looks like an old tree, Shimoo Design showcases a texture showing the passing of time in something new, combined with aspiration in the process of deterioration.

▲Exhibition space for art objects, furniture, etc. on the second floor, utilizing the appearance of the 130-year-old townhouse

■The teahouse “Iu/KYO”, where you can experience KYO AMEHARA’s world of “Being with the rain”

 In the spring of 2024, the storehouse in the back of KYO AMEHARA became the stage for a collaboration with Tokubuchi Suguru, the tea master for Fukuoka's “Man Yorozu” tea and sake brewery. From this collaboration, the teahouse “Iu/KYO” was created.

Set in the atmosphere of an old storehouse, the seasonal transitions of Japan may be experienced through tea, sweets and tableware. All the tableware used at the teahouse is made by craftsmen associated with KYO AMAHARE, and is available for purchase at the store should you take a liking to the actual feel and quality of a product.

 There are three courses of 2,750 yen, 5, 500 yen, and 8, 800 yen, which include a set of five kinds of seasonal tea leaves and confections made by Tomonari Kombu, the 17th generation of Fukui's confectionary master “Kombu-ya Magobei”. Some courses also include green tea and sake to enjoy.

Recommended Craft ①・・・The very rare and Japanese styled “Kukanchuzo Iron Teapot Egg Medium Platinum Color, in Paulownia box” 22,000 yen

The works of cast iron artist Iwashimizu's studio brand “Kukanchuzo”, which produces iron kettles and teapots. They utilize the traditional style of Nambu Ironware kettles, while pursuing the “Beauty of Use” within modern day life. 

The champagne gold color is achieved by painting the base gold and then painting over it with white to remove the color, and is representative of Japanese craftsmanship.

Recommended Craft ②・・・The wooden “Fuyou Ibitsu” 22,000 yen

These cups are made by Shimoo Kazuhiko and Saori, a wood furniture and craftsman pair. They craft these with the concept of “beautiful tools” that are clean, rational, and beautiful, and they incorporate Japanese culture and aesthetics into modern life for the design. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made of cherry wood, and has a different grain pattern, making it a pleasure to choose your favorite design.

■A Message to Guests Visiting Japan

In our store, you can see the works of more than 30 artists and studios from all over Japan in one place. We also have a global sensibility and a wide collection of high-quality tableware, tea ceremony utensils, sake cups, and other crafts, as well as large (No. 100 size) art works and furniture, so please experience them for yourself. Large art objects and artwork are also available for international shipping. There is also a teahouse at the back of the first floor, so you can experience Japanese food culture as well.

■The Location of the Store
127 Aburaya-cho, Takoyakushi-dori Yanagibaba Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto