The 3 most popular instant miso soup and clear soup among Japanese people

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    • 2021-02-04

Spring is coming soon but still cold these days.

This time, we will introduce Japanese soul food, miso soup, which is recommended on cold days. As the name suggests, miso soup is a fermented miso soup that Japanese have almost every day.

Miso is a superfood made by fermenting soybeans, which are so rich in protein called "meat of the field. Study said that the rich nutritional ingredients produced during the fermentation process have cancer-preventing, skin beautifying, and anti-aging effects.

Here is a picture of soybeans and miso.

By adding various ingredients such as vegetables and tofu, miso soup becomes even more nutritious and good for both beauty and health. White rice and miso soup is essential for the Japanese diet.

There are so many types of instant miso soup that we can have easily and quickly. Freeze-dried miso soup is especially popular because we can enjoy the same delicious taste as homemade by only pouring hot water over it.

Now, let's take a look at the popularity ranking of instant miso soup/clear soup.

No.1 ASAGE Raw Miso typed Miso Soup (Nagatanien)

Image: From Nagatanien official website

“Asage" is a long-selling product that has been loved by Japanese people for about 50 years. It is a raw miso soup made with a blend of two types of rice miso. The dashi (soup stock) is made from Makurazaki dried bonito flakes, Konbu (kelp), and Niboshi (small dried sardines). The ingredients are wakame (seaweed), fu (wheat gluten bread), and green onions.

Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 300 yen

No.2  Matsutake mushroom flavored soup (Nagatanien)

Image: From Nagatanien official website

In second place, not miso soup but Japanese clear soup, Suimono is ranked. It is soup with the flavor of bonito and the moderate aroma of matsutake mushrooms. Suimono is soup made with dashi and seasonings without miso. This product sells well not only as instant soup, but also used instead of soup stock in cooking. The ingredients are Fu, Nori (seaweed), Shiitake mushrooms, and green onions.

Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 128 yen

No.3  “Shijimi Ryotei no Aji” Raw Miso Soup 8 servings (Marukome)

Image: From Marukome official website

It is an instant raw miso soup made with Shinshu red miso and plenty of shellfish extract, kneaded with Shijimi clams and wakame seaweed. The secret behind its popularity may be the fact that it is so easy to make miso soup with shijimi clams, which are said to be good for nourishment and for effectiveness for hangovers.

Suggested retail price (tax included): ¥140

How was it?

Instant Miso soup, in particular, is not only an easy way to enjoy the taste of what you ate in Japan, but many overseas tourists also buy them as souvenirs because the fermented food is good for their beauty and health. Why don't you give instant miso soup a try and enjoy?