Beautiful Japanese sweets made by a Japanese sweets craftsman and a former chef of an Italian restaurant~Kashiya Nona

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"Kashiya Nona" is a small shop located in a residential area near JR Kyoto Station. The wife of a former confectioner at a long-established Japanese confectionery shop and the husband of a former chef at an Italian restaurant create a new type of Japanese confectionery shop based on their respective experiences. The wagashi made by the husband and wife have seasonal ingredients, colors and flavors that are wonderful, and are attracting attention even in Kyoto, where there are many wagashi shops.

In the glass case above the store counter, seasonal Japanese sweets are lined up along with the signboard products. Let's take a look at each of the Japanese sweets.
Signboard Japanese sweet ①・・・"Antonio and Lara" 940 yen (consumption tax included, same below)

Moved by the beauty of the Japanese translation of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Improvisatore" which was translated by the famous Japanese writer Ogai Mori, this confectionery was created with that beauty in mind. Two azuki bean paste balls, Burnt Caramel Bean Paste (left) and Mango Tropical Bean Paste, express the fate of the passionate Antonio and the blind girl Lara. Enjoy the scent of herbs that spreads when you open the container.

Signboard Japanese sweet ②・・Red bean butter ciabatta  1 piece 380\

It is a popular product of fussion of Japanese and overseas cultures, and can be ordered. By adding walnuts and rum raisins, it has a flavor and texture that cannot be tasted in bakery anpan. For those who are not accustomed to eating Japanese sweets, this is a recommended item that will become a motive for you to come to the shop.

■Japanese confectionery of the season ①・・Spring Maroge  1 piece 470\

 It is a Japanese confectionery that matches with Japanese tea that is sold from January to February. The sweetness of the bean paste is suppressed by the outer skin, and when you put the strawberry inside together, the taste becomes different. The owner recommends that instead of eating it with your hands in one bite, you should cut it into several pieces with a confectionery knife and taste it with Japanese tea.

Japanese confectionery of the season ②・・Fig Grape 2,380\ each

Red wine is kneaded into figs and steamed to create a sweet, sour, and rich flavor that cannot be found in regular yokan. While cherishing the tradition of Japanese sweets, we incorporate the goodness of the Western confectionery. This Japanese confectionery is not sold from spring until summer.

▲ The shop is lined with interiors and accessories that reflect the female owner's sense of style.

■Message to guests visiting Japan
I opened the shop when I was working as a Japanese sweets craftswoman and became fascinated by the charm of Japanese sweets. I opened the shop because I wanted a wider range of people, especially those who are not accustomed to eating Japanese sweets, to feel that Japanese sweets may have familiar taste, rather than being something special, and enjoy them casually.
 Our Japanese confectionery is made with the fusion of two cultures in mind, while valuing the goodness of traditional Japanese culture and incorporating the goodness of Western culture. In addition, we place importance on making Japanese confectionery that uses seasonal fruits to give you a sense of the season, both in terms of appearance and texture.
 We use fresh ingredients, so we would like you to eat it on the day you purchase it so that the quality of the ingredients will not be lost or the texture will change and become harde.

▲It is a quiet shop in a residential area lined with old private houses, so you can enjoy strolling around.

■Shop location

   Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Samegai-dori, Manjuji-kaku, Sasayacho 75

     The closest station:Kyoto Municipal Subway Gojo Station  10 minutes walking

     Business hours:12:00-18:00 (However, we will close as soon as Japanese confectioneries are sold out)

     Closed: Sundays and Mondays