Opening of Restaurant Floor for Enjoying Kyoto's Food Culture and Enjoying Food with Manga - Daimaru Kyoto Store

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    • 2023-11-04

The 8th floor of the Daimaru Kyoto Store, situated at Kyoto's largest downtown Shijokarasuma, has just opened as a restaurant floor, where you can enjoy the food culture of Kyoto. Also on the same floor, approximately 3,000 mangas related to food are placed. They are mangas in which exquisite gourmet food, cooks' culinary philosophy, the background to foodstuffs, food culture and so on are written about.

▲"Manga no sato", where you can have fun looking at manga related to food

 How about experiencing a new food culture in which you can not only enjoy various dishes at one place but also enjoy both manga and food in the downtown of Kyoto? Let's check out some recommended restaurants now!
 Recommended restaurant① Delicatessen "VEGGIE ISO TERRACE" with plenty of morning-picked fresh vegetables from the owner's family farmhouse in Kyoto

 This is a dish for which plenty of vegetables harvested on a farm in Kyoto in the morning are used, simply making the most of the characteristics of vegetables. The menu is a set menu in which the number of food items varies depending on the price. The set is surely accompanied by the main dish, a rice-based dish, a soup, free salad refills and free drink refills!

▲These are open seats on the terrace connected to the rooftop. You can also enjoy yourself in a barbecue style, viewing the blue sky or starry sky.

Recommended restaurant② "Soba Cuisine Yoshimura Daimaru Kyoto Villa" where you can enjoy not only soba dishes but also soba sweets

"Tenzaru Zen" in addition to zaru soba and assorted tempura, it also comes with herring shigure rice and a small side dish, which is very luxurious. 2,250 yen (consumption tax included, same below)

 The deliciousness of soba is determined by the flavor of the ingredients, so we purchase soba seeds from producers all over Japan and grind them. In the glass enclosed soba making area, you can see up close how the craftsmen make all the noodles by hand. The recommended menu is the "Tenzaru Zen" where you can enjoy soba and freshly fried tempura and you can also enjoy sweets made with soba. English menus are also available.

■Recommended restaurant③ "Nippon Ramen Rin Hanare produced by Lab Q" ramen with a special focus on ingredients

▲There are two types of recommended miso ramen: one with a rich spicy flavor containing spicy extracts, and the other with a standard rich flavor \1,350

 The noodles are very chewy, and the two soups are miso ramen and chicken paitan ramen. The recommended miso ramen is a blend of 8 types of miso, with a rich aroma and a mellow taste like never before. Enjoy two types of chashu pork topped with delicious fatty pork belly and charcoal grilled loin on top of the noodles.

■Place of Restaurant floor of Daimaru Kyoto Store
 79 Tachiurinishimachi, Takakuranishiiru, Shijodori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City   Daimaru Kyoto Store 8F