"Sauna no Umeyu", the public bath loved by locals in Kyoto

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Since long ago, public baths have become a place for locals to wash their bodies and heal the fatigue of the day, as well as to exchange information and communicate. Sauna no Umeyu is close to JR Kyoto Station and downtown Shijo Kawaramachi, and is open until midnight. You can enjoy a wonderful experience that is different from sightseeing by soothing your fatigued body in the warm water after the sightseeing and shopping, and meet the people of Kyoto. Would you like to enjoy the public bath experience in Kyoto?

A bathing fee of 490 yen (including consumption tax) is paid at the entrance of the public bath. Towels for bathing can be rented, and soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided, so you can come empty handed. Before entering the bahtroom, be sure to know the rules when using public baths.

▲The rules when entering the bathroom are drawn on the comic.

■Bathing method
 ①Swimsuits are not allowed in the bathroom, it is basic knowledge to enter naked.
 ②Public baths are separated for men and women, so even super close couples will need to split.
 ③You can bring towels into the bathroom, but you cannot bring them into the bathtub.
 ④After entering the bathroom, wash your body with soap first.
 ⑤If you have long hair, please tie it up, and enjoy the togetherness with your naked companions!

Take off your clothes in the dressing room, put your belongings in the locker, and when you're ready, GO!

In the bathroom
 There are two main baths (omoyu) in the bathroom. Both baths use the natural underground water that was heated up to 43° (in winter) and used as hot water, but they are not hot springs. One of the baths is a jet bath where bubbles gush out from the inside of the bath, and the other bath is a little deeper, so you can soak up to your neck and warm up your body.

▲Right after entering the bathroom, there is a yellow tub, which you can use to clean your body. The photo is of the men's bathroom.

▲Women's bathroom, the light bath is on the right, and the deep bath is in the middle
 In addition, there is a "medicinal bath" and an "electric bath" in which electricity is passed through the bathtub. The electric bath may surprise you as a little strong electricity runs through your body, so it is not recommended for those with weak hearts. Also, for sauna users, we also recommend the "cold water bath".

The cold water bath installed next to the sauna room

 In addition, not only can you enjoy bathing in Sauna no Umeyu, but you can also purchase original goods planned by the staff as souvenirs.
Sauna no Umeyu limited item 1: The Sauna no Umeyu's original white towel 600 yen per sheet (price shown below includes consumption tax)

The towels are thick and easy to use, and the designs change depending on the seasons, making them perfect as souvernirs. It is believed that a regular customer artist was in charge of the design.

Sauna no Umeyu limited item 2: The Promise Purse 1,200 yen per item

 It is a cloth bag that expresses the rules when using the public baths with cartoons. This unique manga will make you chuckle. There are five colors for the cartoon part: red, orange, green, purple, and brown.

Sauna no Umeyu limited item 3: Homemade drinks 220 yen per item

▲From left to right are each drink of mandarin orange water, melon sour, and "hiyashiame".

 It is a handmade drink that reproduces the traditional taste that was sold in small shops. Please try it when you are thirsty after taking a bath. There are 3 types of drinks, one that doesn't taste like mandarin oranges, but it's a sweet "mandarin orange water" that has the color of the real mandarin orange, a lactic acid drink with a slightly relaxing taste called "melor sour", and a traditional drink with plenty of grated ginger called "hiyashiame".

■Message to guests visiting Japan
 The fun of public baths is meeting and communicating with people whose names you don't even know. Please enjoy the public bath experience while maintaning the good manners of each other.
 For those who are not good at socializing and want to enjoy bathing quietly, please enjoy reading the "Umeyu news" published once of twice a month on the wall of the bathtub. What's written are the things that local people and Umeyu staff notice on a daily basis, making your heart soften when you read it. In addition, other than the hot bath, we also hold music live and flea markets inside the inn, so please enjoy it.

The lobby right after entering the place serves as a place to sell vegetables and original goods for regular customers, and to communicate with each other.

▲Facing a small river, there are cafes and craft beer shops in the area, making it perfect for a stroll.

■Basic information about Sauna no Umeyu
  Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward Kiyamachidori Kaminokuchi Agaru Iwataki-cho 175
    Business hour:14:00-26:00 (however, Saturday and Sunday are also open from 06:00 to 12:00)
    Regular holiday:Thursday