Japan's first butter confectionery specialty store, where you can enjoy the deliciousness of butter Osaka ・ Daimaru Umeda store Beurre et Beurre

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    • 2023-05-03

A butter confectionery specialty store <Beurre et Beurre>, where you can enjoy the deep world of butter, making use of many types of butter, from all around the world, has opened in the Daimaru Umeda store, next to Osaka Station.
From French to New Zealand's butter, to fermented butter from Hokkaido, there is a wide range of sweets that are detailed on the amount and recipe, that make the most of the characteristics of each butter. A butter sweets specialty store where you can feel the appeal of various butter from around the world. Why not try some during your stay in Japan?

Let's take a look at the recommended butter sweets.

■ Raw butter cake, made with Hokkaido fermented butter Montblanc et Beurre 540 yen/each (consumption tax included below)

Crispy inside tart. Topped with plenty of butter cream, with raspberry jam and sponge cake. Filled with sour cherries.

It is topped with a luxurious combination of dried fruits and cranberries, with a not-so-sweet flavor, matching well with alcoholic beverages.

■ Baked cake, topped with Belgian fermented butter Gateau et Beurre 324 yen/each

There are two types of cupcakes, baked and soufflé, with an eye-catching square piece of Belgian butter on top. Baked type Gateau et Beurre, which uses butter from Hokkaido in the dough, has two different flavors: the rich taste of the butter stands out when cold, and the butter melts into the dough when warmed, making it smooth. Of the two types, chocolate and plain, we recommend the chocolate one.

■Recommended Baked Sweet, made with French fermented butter Millefeuille et Beurre 648 yen/4 pieces

There are several types of baked sweets, the recommended one being the mille-feuille, that uses French fermented butter. An elegantly baked sweet, characterized by the nice scent of butter, that spreads when you open the pack, and its crunchiness when you take a bite. Fashionable and cute packaging boxes are perfect for souvenirs.

▲The shop is located near the basement entrance, in a corner, lined with Western confectionery shops.

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