【Favorite Stone】 Red beryl 0.132ct Ring 


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Favorite Stone Jewelry GINZA 188
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Did you know that bright red "beryl" exists?

Beryl is the same mineral as emerald. The colour is caused by the presence of "chromium", which gives green "emerald", "iron" which gives light blue "aquamarine", and if it contains "Manganese" it becomes light peach color "Morganite".

This 'red beryl' is a very rare gemstone that is produced in much smaller quantities than 'morganite', which is derived from the same substance, and which changes its colour to this vivid pinkish red when it contains 'manganese'.

Despite its small size, it has a vivid, vivid colour. This is sure to become a special piece of jewellery, unique to the one who owns it!

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