【Favorite Stone】 Green Garnet 2.132ct Ring


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Kanto Tokyo
Favorite Stone Jewelry GINZA 188
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Young grass-colored, eye-popping bright green garnets. Surely by now, you all know that garnets come in colors other than red. It is the same kind of grossular garnet as so-called "tsavorite," but differences in their components make different colors.

Tsavorite consists of vanadium, and chromium is what makes the color of this green garnet just like that of emerald. It is surprising that different crystalline systems and other constituents can produce such different colors!

Garnets in general contain many liquid and crystal inclusions, but this green garnet has no significant inclusions making it look like the horizontal meadow with a breeze.

Hard garnet with durability can make the surface lustrous. It is unique mint green which is different from the deep green of tsavorite or the bright yellowish green of peridot.

As garnet is the birthstone of January, this ring gives a gentle impression that foreshadows the coming season of life (spring)

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