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Cultural experiences
SEIBU Shibuya Store
Kanto Tokyo
2024-07-08 10:00 - 2024-08-12 20:00
Seibu Shibuya Store = A Building 2nd Floor Event space for "Kintsugi Experience"

【Casual experience of "kintsugi" in the heart of Shibuya】

We will prepare antique Japanese pottery that has been repaired by a professional kintsugi craftsman up to a process right before the final process. This is a one-of-a-kind plan in which you will practice performing a finish by sprinkling gold powder on cracks of the pottery, which is the most glorious process among the long-term processes, and then you can take home the pottery that you have subjected to kintsugi yourself! Why not experience Japanese culture while sightseeing in Tokyo?

At the venue, you can also purchase a "Kintsugi Kit" that will allow you to enjoy kintsugi easily at home. A small-sized Kintsugi Kit is also recommended as a gift.

※What is Kintsugi?

It is a traditional Japanese restoration technique handed down since the 15th century, in which broken or cracked ceramic ware is repaired using a natural material such as lacquer, and finally the joints are beautifully decorated by sprinkling metal powder such as of gold or silver. It is said to have originated from the time-honored Japanese idea of ​​taking good care of things.

※The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Basic Information about Plan>

◎Venue : Seibu Shibuya Store A Building 2nd Floor Event Space for "Kintsugi Experience"

◎Dates : Jul. 8th ・ Jul. 15th ・ Jul. 22nd ・ Jul. 29th ・ Aug. 5th ・ Aug. 12th

◎Time slots : ①11:00/②13:00 ※Meeting time : 10 mins. prior to start time

◎Required time : 1 hour

◎Languages : Japanese ・ English

◎Cost : 19,300 yen (tax included) per person 

◎Included in cost : One piece of pottery and gold ・ Material for joints・ Lacquer-drying box

◎Not included in cost : Cost of Kintsugi Set and accessories ・ Other personal expenses

◎Things to bring : None in particular


① Selection of pottery (About 10mins.)
You can choose one out of several types of antique Japanese pottery.

② Water sanding of intermediate coat (About 10mins.)
Sand the black lacquer surface with waterproof paper to flatten it.

③ Making bengara lacquer (About 10mins.) ※Bengara lacquer = Bengara urushi)
Red lacquer (bengara urushi) is made as a base for putting gold powder on.

④Lacquering (About 10mins.)
Bengara lacquer is applied over the cracks of the pottery (where the black lacquer has been applied) in such a way that it will not stick out.

⑤Finishing with gold powder (About 10mins.)
Over the bengara lacquer applied, gold powder is sprinkled to perform a finish.

⑥You can take home your work on the same day, placing it in an "original lacquer-drying box".
※Please inquire about domestic and international shipping; shipping costs have to be paid by the customer.

<About Reservation>

◎Reservation URL:https://e.japanticket.com/shop...

◎Number of purchasable reservations:2-6 people

◎Deadline for reservation:4 days before

◎Minimum number of participants:2 people

◎Reservation condition:10 years old or above

◎How to use voucher: Please present the QR code or e-ticket ID written in the email

◎Validity period of voucher: Valid only on the day of use

<Cancellation Policy>

On the same day: 100%, the day before: 50%, 2 to 7 days before: 30% (based on Japan time)

<Special Notes>

・Ages: 10 or above
・When you take home your work, please place it in a "special lacquer box" and dry it, left inside a warm room of 20-30℃ for 1 day to 1 week with the box closed.
・We use genuine lacquer. Please be aware that the lacquer may cause a rash on the skin.
You are to perform, protecting your skin with gloves on. Please perform, following instructions given by the kintsugi craftsman. We are cannot be responsible for injuries, a rash, etc. sustained during the workshop.
・Please note that if you arrive late, the end time cannot be put back.
・Please wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

*Same-day reception is possible, only if there are vacant spaces. Please note that we cannot accept it if the spaces are full.

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