Experience of Performing Beach Combing & Making Perpetual Calendar


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Kushimoto Tour in Wakayama ~Energize local communities through tourism~
Kansai Wakayama
2023-10-01 00:00 - 2024-03-31 23:30
Hashigui Beach Kujinokawa, Kushimoto-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-3511

Kushimoto Tour in Wakayama
No.21 Beach Combing & Perpetual Calendar Making


Attractiveness of this tour
Natural environment
Beach combing at the Hashigui Beach. There is plenty of drifting matter at the beach.
Beach combing is play in which participants pick up drifting matter there are interested in, caught on comb teeth as if to "comb the sandy beach". You will discover a lot including pretty shells, fragments of beautiful beach glass and earthenware, interesting fish bones, etc.
Regarding a perpetual calendar, it will be nice for you to use the material that you obtain in the beach combing, or use a material such as a magnet or black board together with driftwood, shells, sea glass, etc. prepared by us, in order to produce your unique perpetual calendar. You will receive production guidance.

What you can learn
You can learn about issues such as marine litter through beach cleanup activities.
You will also be able to breathe new life into the materials you have collected and care about by turning them into an perpetual calendar.

Guide information
Guide Team of Nanki Kushimoto Tourism Association

Mr. Yutaka Aoki
Another guide may guide you on the day of the tour.

Tour information
●Minimum number of participants
At least one person(up to a maximum of 10 people)

●Targeted age
Elementary school students or older
※Elementary school students have to be accompanied by their guardians

2 hours

One person : \5,000
※Please pay the guide in cash at the meeting place on the day of the tour. Please prepare your money so that no change will be needed.
※The above fee includes the rental of cotton gloves, and the prices of a calendar board and a storage case.

●Cancelation policy
On previous day: 50%
On day of tour: 100%
※If you wish to cancel your tour, please contact (Nanki-Kushimoto Tourist Association : 0735-62-3171) by phone or send an e-mail to (info@kankou-kushimoto.jp).
※Cancellation fees will be charged at the above rates depending on the days of cancellation requests.

●What to bring on day of tour
Clothes that make it easy for you to move even if they get dirty

●Schedule for day of tour
・9:00 / 13:00 Meeting up at Hashigui Beach(Google Maps)
Please meet up at the meeting place of the Hashigui Beach.
※This tour is devided into two parts: a morning tour and an afternoon tour. Please be careful not to fail to recognize the tour start time.

・9:00 / 13:00 Start of tour
While picking up trash and drifting matter left at the beach, you will find some material for use in an perpetual calendar.
Create a perpetual calendar using found flotsam and the shells provided.

・11:00 / 15:00 Finish of tour
The tour ends with a commemorative photo after the completion of the one and only perpetual calendar.

【Tour reservation】
Deadline for reservation
It is possible to make a reservation for the tour until 5 p.m. of the previous day. (Example:In the case of a reservation for Sep. 10, the deadline for the reservation is 5 p.m., Sep. 9.)


Tour reservation from here

Please select a date where there is an available slot, looking at Google Calendar. Reservations are possible via the form situated below the Calendar.

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Contact information
Nanki Kushimoto Tourism Association
3 Kushimoto, Kushimoto-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-3503 (on JR Kushimoto Station's premises)
Phone: 0735-62-3171 / Fax: 0735-62-1070 / Email: info@kankou-kushimoto.jp
Business hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Open all year round)

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