Tour to check if you can touch Kozagawa Monolith?!


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Kushimoto Tour in Wakayama ~Energize local communities through tourism~
Kansai Wakayama
2023-10-01 00:00 - 2024-03-31 23:30
Roadside Station Hashiguiiwa 290-2 Aise, Kozagawa-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-4235

Kushimoto Tour in Wakayama
No.5 Tour to try touching Kozagawa Monolith?!

What kind of rock is "Monolith"? What kind of place is it? Check them yourself with your five senses, walking and touching!

【Appeal of this tour】
◆ History and culture
You can experience the people's life at a mountain village based on the Kozagawa River, and the Koza kaido Road.

◆ Natural environment
You can view the rock that forms the Monolith, plants unique to the rock wall, and so on.

◆ Things you can learn
You can learn about how the Monolith has formed, and also the nature, history and culture in its vicinity.

【Guide information】
Guide Team of Nanki Kushimoto Tourism Association

(Left)Ms. Hiroko Shibasaki
(Center)Mr. Kazuo Ueno
(Right)Mr. Keishi Jimbo

Other guides than the above guides may guide on the day of the tour.

【Tour information】
●Minimum number of participants

At least three people

●Target ages
Elementary school students or older
※Elementary school students can participate if accompanied by their guardians.

●Time required
2 hours
※A walk of around 3 km or so is planned, partially on unpaved paths.

Adult : \6,000
Those who are elementary school students or younger : \3,000
※Please pay the charge in cash to your guide at the meeting place on the day of the tour. Please prepare your charge so that no change will be needed.
※The above charges include the price of one drink (up to \500) at the Roadside Station Monolith.

●Cancelation policy
Previous day : 50%
Same day : 100%
※In case of cancelation, please contact by phone (Nanki Kushimoto Tourism Association: 0735-62-3171) or email (
※Depending on the day of cancelation, there will be a cancelation fee incurred with the above percentage.

●Items to carry on the day of tour
(There are no vending machines except at the Roadside Station, which is the place for our start and goal.)
・Shoes that make it easy for you to walk
(such as sport shoes, simple climbing shoes, etc. that you are used to wearing)
・Clothes and cap/hat that make it easy for you to move
・Precautionary measures against insects, sunscreen or precautionary measures against the cold, according to season

●Schedule for the day of tour
10:00 / 13:00
Meeting up at the Roadside Station Monolith (290-2 Aise, Kozagawa-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-4235)(Google Maps)
※This tour is divided into two parts: a morning tour and an afternoon tour. Please be careful not to fail to recognize the tour start time.

・10:00 / 13:00 Start of tour
You will walk alongside the Kozagawa River from the Roadside Station Monolith and then move to the opposite side by crossing the Utsuo Bridge. As far as the point where you can touch the Monolith, you are going to walk along hillside paths with colorful seasonal plants such as cherry blossoms and maple leaves.
From the Dondoro forest, you will walk a little on mountain paths along a swamp, then we will guide you to a place where you can feel the old-time Koza kaido Road.

・12:00 / 15:00 You will return, going back on the same roads, followed by the dismissal.

Monolith: one huge rock of approximately 100 m in height and approximately 500 m in width. It is one of the largest single-piece rock masses in Japan.

【Reservation for tour】
●Deadline for reservation
It is possible to make a reservation for the tour until noon of the previous day.
(Example:In the case of a reservation for Sep. 10, the deadline for the reservation is 12 p.m., Sep. 9.)

Tour reservation from here

Reservations are possible via the form situated below the Calendar.
Please select a date where there is an available slot, looking at Google Calendar.

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Contact information
Nanki Kushimoto Tourism Association
33 Kushimoto, Kushimoto-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-3503 (on JR Kushimoto Station's premises)
Tel.: 0735-62-3171 / FAX: 0735-62-1070 / Email:
Opening hours: 08:30 - 17:30 (Open throughout the year)

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