Tips to enjoy shopping safely in Japan

Having a lot of baggage can be difficult while traveling when you want to do shopping.
We will introduce services to help your shopping during your travel in Japan.

Coin-operated lockers

The most common service to store baggage is coin-operated lockers. Not only railroad stations, plenty of supermarkets have coin-operated lockers available for use. The way to work them depends on the type of locker and there are types in which locking, unlocking and payment are done by tapping a transportation IC card, and many types in which you have to use coins (in most cases 100-yen coins).

Hand baggage-keeping service

At commercial facilities such as tourist information centers and department stores, services to temporarily keep suitcases or hand baggage may be provided. Basically, most services require a charge, so please check how to use it and also the charge.

Domestic delivery

Many department stores and shopping centers offer a service to deliver the product purchased during shopping to an address in Japan. The charge varies depending on the distance to the delivery destination, the size of the item, etc.
There are services which enable delivery to a hotel for stay, an airport, etc., so please utilize them and enjoy stress-free travel.

Overseas delivery

In case you want to send a souvenir you purchased directly home, overseas delivery are convenient, but there are not many stores in Japan that provide this service. If you want to use this service, we recommend that you check if it is possible beforehand.
For overseas delivery of small parcels, etc., EMS (International Mail Service) handled by Japanese post offices are convenient. As there are restrictions on countries, types of deliverable items, weight, etc., please check it along with the procedure instructions.