Head Temple of the Shinshu Takada School Senjuji

Campaign Introduction
Senshuji Temple will hold the Japan Cultural Expo "The Aura of Beauty of the Pure Land World Emitted by Paintings and Sculptures of Senshuji Temple Captivated by VR" from January 9 to February 16, 2023. Visitors can experience the overwhelming sense of immersion and realism of two contents projected in a 360-degree image space: "The Pure Land of Paradise Experienced through VR Images" and "The Architectural Beauty of Senshuji Temple Enjoyed through 3D Images". Reservations are now being accepted. Reservations will begin on December 1, 2022 on a special website. http://www.senjuji.or.jp/japanculturalexpo

The Senshu-ji precincts are 11 aligned temples designated as major cultural properties, and revolve around Nyorai-do and Miei-do, the first buildings in Mie Prefecture to be designated as national treasures.

The temple complex, which was built around early to mid-Edo period, revolves around the Nyorai-do and Miei-do halls, which are the largest surviving early modern temples in the Tokai region, and shows at its best the techniques of large-scale wooden architecture developed in the early modern period.

In particular, the magnificent interior of the hall, richly decorated with abundant color and gold leaf, holds many magnificent decorations and gorgeous wall paintings and sculptures that visualize the image of the paradise, the ideal world, of Amida Nyorai, using fantastic creatures in addition to Japanese nature as materials.

Please visit Takada Honzan, which is full of attractions.

Highly recommended point 1

Enjoy the architectural beauty of Senshu-ji in 3D images.
Craftsmen in the Edo period imagined a paradise that had yet to be seen and built the halls as spaces of faith.
Based on 3D measurements of the National Treasure Nyorai-do and National Treasure Miei-do, the works in both halls were filmed using the latest video technology. In the video utilization room attached to the Treasure House, even places that cannot normally be seen are projected on a life-size scale, creating content that allows everyone to enjoy the splendor of the architectural beauty.
Open from January 9, 2023

Highly recommended point 2

Paradise experienced in VR
For centuries, the teachings of the Pure Land have been transmitted through the pageantry of architecture, the beautiful sounds of gagaku court music and the fragrance of incense, while appealing to the five senses. Now, contemporary creators are making full use of video technology to create a virtual space in the Pure Land that can be seen, touched and felt. The result is content that allows you to have an immersive experience of a paradise never seen before.
Open from January 9, 2023

Highly recommended point 3

Head Temple of Lotus temple Takada
Within temple grounds, 35 varieties of lotus, which are said to bloom in the Pure Land, grow in 135 lotus pots, and can be enjoyed from the beginning until near the end of summer. The lotus pots are owned by the 'Mt Takada Hasuno kai (Lotus Club)', and many visitors come every year to see their own lotuses adorning the temple precincts.