Okinawa, Ishigaki-jima Patisserie Marche Kokusai Dori

2-8-16 Matsuo, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0014
A 10-minute walk from Yui Rail Makishi Station. Located on Kokusai Dori, second shop from Donkihote.
Business hours
Monday  09:30-22:00
Tuesday  09:30-22:00
Wednesday  09:30-22:00
Thursday  09:30-22:00
Friday  09:30-22:00
Saturday  09:30-22:00
Sunday  09:30-22:00
Closed Day:No fixed holidays This is a branch of the popular shop in Ishigaki island. They have a variety of goods from their original sweets, handicrafts and accessories and food products made in Ishigaki island.
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Souvenir and local product shop
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Along with various sweets popular as souvenirs, we have a large collection of handicrafts and accessories made in Ishigaki island. The salty rice cracker Florintins is especially popular! You don’t want to miss the stylish interior and cute wrapping papers. It is conveniently located, just one shop apart from Donkhote, so please drop in if you come to Kokusai Dori.

Facility services

  • Tax-free Shop