Sanyo Expressway Fukuishi Parking Area (outbound)

Chugoku Okayama
2154-3 Sukidani Mitsuishi, Bizen-shi, Okayama, 705-0132
Sanyo Expressway Fukuishi Parking Area (outbound)
Business hours
Monday  07:00-20:00
Tuesday  07:00-20:00
Wednesday  07:00-20:00
Thursday  07:00-20:00
Friday  07:00-20:00
Saturday  07:00-20:00
Sunday  07:00-20:00
Closed Day:Without regular holidays ・Operating facilities
Phone number
Store types
Rest area / roadside station

Speaking of Fukuishi parking area (outbound) it is "Set meal with fried pork meal and vegetables".
From cutting of vegetables to frying, portion by portion we cook meals carefully and with effort. You will be satisfied with both taste and volume with the most recommended by staff menu.
Also, as a souvenir we recommend kibidango (sweet dumplings) that is famous product from Okayama.
On behalf of the entire staff, we are very much looking forward to your visit.