Head Temple of the Shinshu Takada School Senjuji


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Tokai Mie
Ishindencho 2819, Tsu City, Mie prefecture, 514-0114
【①From Chubu Centrair International Airport by train】 35 minutes to Nagoya Station by Meitetsu limited express ⇒ 50 minutes from Nagoya Station to Tsu Station by Kintetsu limited express ⇒ 5 minutes from Tsu Station to Ishinden Station by JR Kisei Line ⇒ 5 minutes on foot from Ishinden Station to Senshuji Temple 【②From Chubu Centrair International Airport by ferry】 45 minutes by ferry to Tsu Nagisamachi ⇒ 20 minutes by taxi from Tsu Nagisamachi to Senshu-ji Temple.
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Monday  09:00-16:00
Tuesday  09:00-16:00
Wednesday  09:00-16:00
Thursday  09:00-16:00
Friday  09:00-16:00
Saturday  09:00-16:00
Sunday  09:00-16:00
The gate opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm
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Head Temple of the Shinshu Takada School Senjuji
Senshuji Temple is the head temple of the Takada school of Shinshu Buddhism, which has more than 600 temples throughout Japan. The Senshu-ji precincts are 11 aligned temples designated as major cultural properties, and revolve around Nyorai-do and Miei-do, the first buildings in Mie Prefecture to be designated as national treasures.
The temple complex, which was built around early to mid-Edo period, revolves around the Nyorai-do and Miei-do halls, which are the largest surviving early modern temples in the Tokai region, and shows at its best the techniques of large-scale wooden architecture developed in the early modern period.
In particular, the magnificent interior of the hall, richly decorated with abundant color and gold leaf, holds many magnificent decorations and gorgeous wall paintings and sculptures that visualize the image of the paradise, the ideal world of Amida Nyorai, using fantastic creatures in addition to Japanese nature as materials.

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