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    • 2023-03-03

"WEGO VINTAGE Shimokitazawa store" proudly holds one of the largest collections of second-hand clothing in Shimokitazawa. This in one of the must-visit shops in Tokyo, not only for those who like vintage clothes, but also for those who would like to try on second-hand clothes for the first time.

This time, find a trendy piece of clothing at the "WEGO VINTAGE Shimokitazawa shop" before spring begins in earnest. Are you girly or a grunge type girl?

First, WEGO-trend girly style

What to look for girly fashion in spring 2023 wear

1. Oversized half-zip sweatshirts and plaid mini-skirts - cute and spring-like

2. Vivid shades such as bright blue and pink

3. The key to her make-up is her orange blush and red lips! The round center blush gives a girly cuteness ♡

4. Neck warmers and false collars are the most popular on social media! Both warm and fashionable ♡ Try them out!

Pink and red knitwear and mini-skirts are cute royal coordinates

Cute knit with a bear print. This item gives a neat and girly impression.

Next comes the popular grunge fashion, sparked by TikTok.

What to look for when wearing grunge fashion

1.Dark earthy tones create a fashionable and soft impression.

2.Corset, thick-soled Demonia shoes and metal necklaces

3.Match it with emo face make-up ♡

When spring arrives, the tight underwear and big silhouette will make you look stylish and attractive!

Stylish when worn with a large Mario pixel art short-sleeved T-shirts.

How did you like it?

Which fashion style do you prefer - girly or grunge?

You're ready for spring fashion by following the above tips!

Try your hand "WEGO VINTAGE Shimokitazawa", one of the largest vintage clothing stores in Shimokitazawa, which combines quantity and quality integratingt a mix of trendy & vintage style.

Shop Information

WEGO Shimokitazawa

Oak Plaza 1F, 2-29-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031