10,000 umbrellas for sale, umbrella entertainment building Waterfront®︎ JIYUGAOKA/TOKYO

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Image courtesy: Shu's selection Co, LTD

From the 1st floor to the 4th floor, everything is filled with umbrellas, and about 500 types of umbrellas and 10,000 umbrellas are lined up in a row, this is the umbrella entertainment building "Waterfront®︎ JIYUGAOKA/TOKYO".
As soon as you enter the store, you will see plenty of colorful umbrellas.

Waterfront®︎ is an umbrella brand that develops many high-performance and stylish umbrellas and occupies a large market share in Japan.
This time, we asked about the most popular products and their features!

■Cute Japanese floral print POKEFLAT ®Japanese pattern

The ultra-thin and compact POKEFLAT®︎ is a signature product that Shu's Selection has patented, and it is also attractive since it can only be purchased at Waterfront®︎.
There are a wide variety of patterns, but we would especially like to recommend the one with Japanese patterns. The size and price make it easy to pick up, so it is recommended as a souvenir.

■The highest level of parasol to protect against sunburn and heat COKAGE+

The parasol "COKAGE+", which achieves both "UV protection" and "heat protection", is a popular product with a light shielding rate of over 99.99%, a UV cut rate of over 99.9%, and a heat shielding rate of over 55%. Another point is that it uses fabrics made in Japan.
With gentle and cute colors, you can protect against ultraviolet rays with style.

■An umbrella so light that you don't even feel you are holding it SUPER-FLY

In addition to folding umbrellas, we also offer a lot of long umbrellas. The ultra-lightweight umbrella "SUPER-FLY" is described as "Lighter than a rice ball! Please check the surprising lightness for yourself!

When you open the umbrella, it's like a cherry blossom! Flower Blur Sakura Rib

The Sakura Rib umbrella, which is shaped like a cherry blossom when opened, has a cherry blossom pattern and a Japanese feeling to it.
The gorgeous Japanese pattern will make you feel sunny even on rainy days.

■Waterfront®︎'s Super Water Repellent  Cool Magic Girls Toyama Thunder®︎

An item that can only be purchased at Waterfront®︎ that uses a water barrier ®︎ fabric with a lotus leaf structure and high water repellency.
If you drip water on a super water-repellent umbrella, the drops will roll into beautiful round drops!
You can see that it repels rain well and has high functionality.

Image courtesy: She's selection Co, LTD

We have introduced the Waterfront®︎ shop, where you are sure to find the right umbrella for your purpose with an overwhelming selection of products.
Many of the products are compact enough to be carried in a bag or suitcase, so they are recommended as souvenirs!

Facility Information:
Address:1-9-1 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo