New Tokyo landmark, 「Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai」 where you can enjoy Japanese food and hot springs

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    • 2024-04-13

In February 2024, a new Tokyo landmark opened where you can enjoy Japanese food and hot springs!

Adjacent to Toyosu market that can be called the kitchen of Tokyo, this lively area consists of two separate areas such as the Shokuraku building and the hot-spring baths building.

Shokuraku Building 「Toyosu outside edomae market」

The Shokuraku Building area, located just inside the pedestrian deck on the second floor, is a recreation of an Edo period townscape that allows visitors to experience Japanese culture just by walking around. Visitors can enjoy exploring Tokyo's fascinating food scene while eating their way through the area.

「Kaisen Viking Iroha Toyosu」 is a restaurant where you can eat seafood in a buffet style. Please enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood of Japan with all your appetite!

The 「Sake standing bar Komesankaku」 firstly opened in Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai is a standing bar where you can enjoy pairing SAKE which is a liquor made from rice with sake vegetables, and can fully appreciate Japanese rice culture.

On the 8th floor of the hot spring building there is a 「Senkyaku Banrai footbath garden」 using Yugawara hot spring water, which offers a panoramic view of Toyosu and is open to the public free of charge.

Tokyo Toyosu Manyo Club, a hot-spring bath building

The hot spring building extends over floors from 2F to 10F.
The hot spring water from Hakone and Yugawara are brought in by tanker truck every day, so you can enjoy authentic hot spring water even in the heart of Tokyo.

Image courtesy: Manyo Club Co., Ltd.

The 360-degree panoramic view of the waterfront can be seen from the footbath garden for the exclusive use of visitors to 「Manyo Club」.
Please enjoy the open and spectacular view at this site!

With an open-air bath and a large public bath, as well as a sauna, bedrock bath, esthetic salon, and massage, this is a space where you can stay for a whole day at leisure.

We introduced 「Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai」, a new facility where you can fully enjoy Japanese culture from gourmet food to hot springs.
Why not add a new Tokyo attraction to your must-visit destinations?

Facility information:
Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai
6-chome, 5-1 Toyosu, Koutou-ward, Tokyo