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The long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympics are coming! Now, of course, the attention of the world is at Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government has jointly developed with a private company to convey more the charm of Tokyo, and has released the "TOKYO x TOKYO" brand as "Tokyo souvenirs" such as more than 50 traditional crafts, clothes, and groceries.

This time, we will challenge fashion coordination with items such as T-shirts, socks, and eco-bags designed with motifs that symbolize "Tokyo"! A playful styling that makes your memories of your trip to Tokyo more enjoyable will be shown instantly! The photo shooting has been done in Ningyocho, a downtown area of ​​Tokyo.

―TOKYO Girls T-shirt coordination

A simple style that combines a T-shirt with a short bob girl printed on a vivid orange background and a yellow skirt of a similar color.

Roll up the sleeves of the T-shirt for a cool impression. Want to walk around the city as if lived in a downtown area.

Next, tried to combine a navy blue mini skirt that goes well with orange. How is it?

■Tokyo GIRLS T-shirt A/4,400yen(Tax included)
■Tokyo GIRLS T-shirt A/4,400yen(Tax included)

-A cute logo T-shirt studded with Mt. Fuji and sun

A T-shirt with the TOKYO x TOKYO logo and the POP design of Mt. Fuji and sun, which are the symbols of Japan.

The Tokyo style is to loosely wear a slightly larger T-shirt.

It goes well with both shorts and adult-like wide pants.

■Patterned Mt.Fuji T-shirt/2,090yen(Tax included)

――Tote bags and socks that add playfulness to traditional patterns

■Mt.Fuji striped tote・1,100yen(Tax included)
■Modern patchwork tote・1,100yen(Tax included)

I like this sock. Socks with onomatopoeia often used in Japanese comic.

Tokyo-like design. It is soft to the touch.

■All 1,320yen(Tax included)

■Size:Mens : 25-28cm, Ladies : 22-25cm

Sales location

How was it?

When you come to Tokyo, why don't you wear a Tokyo T-shirt and enjoy Tokyo?

Extra: Please refer here for souvenir.

――Pochi Okaki(Tokyo Tokyo)

"Keicho", the typical okaki of "Akasaka Kakiyama" founded in 1971, is put in a "Pochibukuro" with a cute Japanese pattern.

It's not an exaggerated gift, but a snack that you give when you want to express a little gratitude. It makes feel the smartness of Japanese.

■Pochi Okaki(Tokyo Tokyo)・1,620yen(ITax included)

Sales location

Akasaka Kakiyama Akasaka flagship store 3-6-10 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo Official Souvenir Shop 4F Terminal 3 Haneda Airport