Tokyo New Shop Opening: United Arrows, one of Tokyo's top three select shopskoti BEAUTY&YOUTH, is taking on the challenge of a new outdoor shop!

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In the midst of Corona, the outdoors have been gaining attention again, and fashion lovers also see it as "camping is cool”.

In response to such a trend, we have opened a store that offers a total outdoor style from fashion to gear. The name of the shop is koti

The shop name is "koti", which means “house” in Finnish.

There are no shops that offer a total outdoor style, but this is a great place for outdoor beginners.

The shop is located on the basement floor of a high-end casual fashion building in the Aoyama/Omotesando area, an area where people with a high fashion sense gather.

The store is located in the basement of a high-end casual fashion building in the Aoyama / Omotesando area, where fashion-conscious people gather.


▲Camping gear display at the entrance to the sales area. Even beginners to the outdoors will be interested.

■koti BEAUTY & YOUTH's camping style is all about quality, dignity and authenticity.

We focus on "quality", "dignity" and "authenticity" in order to offer a highly sensitive camping style that is typical of a fashion select shop.

We also focus on original clothing, using waterproof, breathable and windproof materials, and collaborating with historical manufacturers.


koti BEAUTY&YOUTH must haves

Must have number #1・・・koti name engraved oil lamp (You can only get it at this store!)

Must have #2・・・koti's original bonfire, with 5 different settings, Made in Japan.

Must have #3・・・A multifunctional mini table, Made in Japan.

▲Since the product doesn't conform to cross-border EC, it can only be purchased in store, and they're flying off the shelf so they may not even be in stock.

■Store introduction and future development

The floor design is made to ease the shopping experience. You should especially pick up the gear, feel the quality and ease of use.

It is displayed on table for easy access.

In the future, we are planning on putting the products in a camper van and park it on a campsite or in a large park where everyone can camp.

You may be able to see it where you camp.

▲The used clothing section has been renovated using old fabrics and materials so the interior has a warm woody feel, reminiscent of camping in the woods.

▲Our staff are experienced in the outdoors and can offer a wide range of camping advice as well as products.

■Editor's Note

In the future, we plan to hold camps and workshops for customers who have purchased our products, and we are looking forward to further communication with our customers.


▲The shop is in a location that is easily accessible from the station.

koti BEAUTY&YOUTH Address and Contact

  Tokyo, Minato, Aoyam3-14-17 H Beauty&YouthB1F


Closest Station: Metro Ginza Line 

5 min. walk from Omotesando Station