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    • 2021-08-22

▲Our fashionable CEO will help you to choose the right glasses. You will understand the CEO's idea that "glasses are an important element of fashion".

The first store was opened in 1998 to introduce various eyewear brands from around the world. This year, a new salon and museum were added to the store.

One of the great things about this store is that the CEO himself travels to the United States and Europe to search for new and antique eyeglasses and you can discover glasses that you have never encountered before.

Secondly, based on the idea that eyeglasses are a part of fashion, he checks the fashion style of customers and is good in finding the eyeglasses that match their sense of fashion.

Third, he takes time to examine your eyes to make sure you can see comfortably and he will choose the best lenses for you. All this has led to a wide range of fans, both in Japan and abroad.


▲The CEO's idea to make the store a place for date with a girlfriend can be felt, as the place is a spot for fun that doesn't look like an eyeglass store.

■Recommended products

While the store has a large selection of eyeglasses from both Japanese and foreign designers, we have made a list of recommended eyeglasses.

No.1 recommendation is the Japanese brand O.J. GLOBE SPECS OPTICAL Co.

The men's apparel brand OLD JOE and GLOBE SPECS have worked together on this collection to create a design of vintage eyewear that you've always wanted.


■No.2 recommendation is the Japanese designer Masahiro Maruyama

The theme of the entire collection is "unfinished art", the beautiful lines and unique form and design of the glasses are impressive and popular among Europeans.


■Our No. 3 recommendation is Anne et Valentin from France

With the design concept of enjoying to be yourself, the company derives its designs from a variety of fields, including architecture, artwork, and novels, and has fans around the world for its colorful and original designs.


■Recommendation No. 4 is the American brand AHLEM

These are eyeglasses that are not influenced by trends, with the intention of integrating art into our daily lives. A simple, comfortable, and beautiful design that looks like a piece of jewelry.


■ Recommendation No. 5: LESCA LUNETIER from France

The collection developed by updating the traditional eyeglass manufacturing method of the Jura region of France and the essence of French traditional design is filled with the essence of French tradition and charm.


■Sales floor introduction

The sales floor consists of two floors: the first and the third floor. On the first floor you can take a look at many eyeglasses and in ''OAK ROOM" on the third floor you can find a museum, a space that functions as a resource center and a salon that requires reservations.

1st floor

You can enjoy this sales space by picking up glasses freely and trying them on.
When you try on the glasses, you can check if they fit you in a full-length mirror, showing your whole fashion.


▲The eyeglass display stand is made of wine bottle containers and letter sorting boxes from the post office purchased overseas, making it fun just to look at them.

3rd floor OAK ROOM

The shop provides authentic and classic eyeglasses. Half of the space is dedicated to antique and vintage eyeglasses, as well as Gernot Lindner's sterling silver eyeglasses and Lesca Lunetier's collection. The other half of the space is for appointments only, where the CEO personally tries to find glasses that are most most suitable for you, performs high-quality vision checks, and provides personalized eyeglass selection services.


▲On the third floor, there are antique glasses and old optometry lens sets that are not for sale.

■Message from the store

The salon inside OAK ROOM on the third floor requires a reservation, but even if you don't purchase anything, please feel free to visit the shop. The staff can speak simple English and the president can also assist in English, even when it comes to the terms in optometry. If you want to meet your new self by choosing glasses, make a reservation and GO!


▲The store is located a little off the main street, on the first and third floor.

■GLOBE SPECS SHIBUYA location and contact information

   1-7-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Andos Building 1F, 3F


   Business Hours: 12:00 - 18:00 

   Closed Days: None

※Operation hours and holidays may change, please contact the store for details. 

Nearest station: 10 min. walk from Shibuya station on the JR, Tokyu and subway lines