■ Tokyo New Shop Open: The Biggest in Kanto area! Explore at Muji Tokyo Ariake which has clothes, food, and housing.

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New MUJI Tokyo Ariake is located at Tokyo Bay Area and three-minute walking distance from Ariake-Tennis-no-Mori station. Boasts the largest MUJI shopping area in Kanto region where they offer more than 7000 items including fresh food, clothes, miscellaneous goods and even homes, everything encompassing daily life. Let's go straight to exploring!

▲The store is situated on 1-3 floors of a big shopping mall. Credits: Ryohin Keikaku

■The shop offers the following services

Food services ・・・ Purchase by weight!

Look at this! Food stacked up to the ceiling! coffee, nuts, pasta, rice and much more are sold by weight.

The overwhelming volume of nuts and dried fruits stacked up against the wall

Since the amount for eating and using varies depend on person, time, so selling food products by weight is their response to the "Just the right amount for everyone" idea. They sell more than 50 different products by weight mainly focusing on miscellaneous grain and dried products in addition to sweets, coffee, nuts and dried fruits that are individually packaged in some other stores.

▲Sweets sold by weight

Tea leaves sold by weight. They suggest blends based on ryokucha (green tea), hōjicha (roasted green tea) or rooibos tea for different occasions like "for pairing with food", "for relaxation" etc.

▲Tea leaves sold by weight             

Besides food, they also sell detergent by weight! If you bring your own PET bottle they can pour as much as you want. This is their policy to reduce plastic waste.

■Selling Homes

During a walk in the store all of a sudden homes appear! Amazingly, "MUJI Homes" is sold here.

Exceedingly well seismically resistant and insulated, one-story homes with excellent functionality and design. We saw it before in catalogs but it is surprising to see the model houses built inside of a store.

▲Tremendous! Detached houses reproduced inside of a store! Credits: Ryohin Keikaku

■Popular products

Popular food products

There is "MUJI Bakery" that sells fresh pastries and "Café&Meal MUJI" where you can leisurely enjoy food in the Tokyo Ariake store, as well as a wide selection of products - from popular sweets to fresh veggies. We introduce three popular produce that we especially recommend.

▲Transparent and open facade is a feature of MUJI Bakery

Popular hit! MUJI curry bread 240yen a piece

▲Enjoy this fresh-fried product. Credits: Ryohin Keikaku

The most popular sweets item other than bakery, uniquely shaped Baumkuchen Banana 150yen a piece

▲Although looking like coming in different shapes, its taste is exquisite and coming in different flavors, but we still recommend the Banana Baumkuchen.

In Curry section - The most popular butter chicken curry 290yen a piece

▲They have a selection of curries from all over the world, but Butter Chicken Curry is No.1 Credits: Ryohin Keikaku

Popular clothes and miscellaneous goods

It is still not over, now we want to show you three popular products we recommend other than food.

▲Some people are long-time user of these no-additive products which you can choose the toning water that matches your skin.

▲Our heels have a 90-degree angle, these comfortable socks were adjusted for that. The right angle socks 90°

▲The insoles of these sneakers are adjusted to human feet and hence don't tire your feet as quickly.                                  

■Interview impression

MUJI is not just selling things but is engaged in environmental activism. When we look at the section where they sell products by weight and the food and clothes recycling boxes are installed in the shopping area, we feel the eagerness with which they face the idea of "since we sell products we face full responsibility for them". If you are sightseeing in Tokyo, this unique MUJI is the spot that you're going to want to visit.

MUJI Tokyo Ariake Store, Address and Contact Info
Tokyo, Koto-ku, Ariake 2-1-7, Ariake Garden Mall & Spa 1-3F


   Business hours:10:00-21:00

    ※As of August 2021、the business hours have been shortened to 10:00-20:00, so please check the business hours before visiting the store.

  Nearest station Yurikamome Ariake Station or Ariake Tennis-no-mori 4 min walk  

    Rinkai Line Kokusai-Tenjijo Station 7 min walk