These patterned Japanese confections are too beautiful to eat

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    • Kansai
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  • Update date

    • 2022-01-20

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One Shiga-based confectionery is making a unique type of sweet that is Japanese all the way through.

Kanou Shoujuan’s “Kokoroyose Yui” sweet is an exquisite twist on the monaka bean paste sandwich. They’ve replaced the traditional bean paste filling of monakas with a slice of chocolate that comes in two flavors: matcha and kinako, or soy bean flour.

The chocolate is sandwiched between wafers printed with lovely images inspired by traditional Japanese pattern designs. There are ten variations to the patterns, each with an attached meaning that expresses wishes for another person, such as: “beckoning happiness” (Adonis ramosa flowers), “spiritual beauty” (cherry blossoms), and “gift of love” (rose).

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