These mystery Japanese gift sets will make your dad very happy on Father’s Day 2021

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    • 2021-06-04

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Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and if you’re like most of us you probably still haven’t found a gift yet. Now, you could laudably spend hours or days seeking out a unique, perfect present for your pops. But if he’s like most dads, he’d likely be just as happy with a bottle of his favorite booze as he would be with a one of a kind relic you went to hell and back to find.

Japanese alcohol merchant Kurand knows exactly what makes a father’s day, and so they’ve prepared a very unique gift set for us kids in 2021. The Father’s Day gift sets contain assortments of sake, umeshu, and beer, or a combination of all 3. But what’s so special about that?

KURAND Father's Day 2021

The element of surprise, of course. Customers are only able to choose the variety of set they want, for example, a box of 3 sakes. What they don’t know however, is what specific sakes the box will actually contain.

Come June 20th, Kurand hopes that curious kids will visit their dads to see for themselves what is in the boxes they gifted. Mystery then, like the splash of bitters that binds a cocktail, will bring together fathers and children to mix, muddle and share a drink together. The real gift in Kurand’s selections is togetherness. And after a year where everyone has struggled to see their loved ones face to face, there isn’t a better gift to give on Father’s Day 2021.

KURAND Father's Day 2021

What inspired Kurand to create mystery sake sets

But what’s even more interesting is where Kurand get their inspiration for their mystery selections. Their idea was inspired by none other than the ubiquitous Gacha-pon (ガチャポン) machine. Gacha (an onomatopoeic word representing the sound the machines make) are small vending machines filled with collectable toys and figures. Pop in a coin, twist the machine’s dial and out pops a capsule containing a mystery toy. The element of randomness if what Kurand is playing on with their mystery Father’s Day Gift sets.

What’s more, kids in Japan grow up playing with these machines and they of course need to get the money to do so from their parents. So Kurand’s gift idea will spark strong memories as the kids finally give back an adult Gacha experience to their fathers.

Limited edition Father’s Day 2021 gacha sake sets

Kurand’s sets are ideal for kids who don’t know what to get for their dad, but know they want to surprise him. There are sets to suit every price point, from 5,500 JPY up to 55,000 JPY. What’s more, each set has a variety of alcohol types to choose from so you can give your dad exactly what he loves or mix it up for fathers who like to mix their liquors.

KURAND Father's Day 2021

So if you’re dad enjoys a drink, the limited edition Father’s Day sake sets are the perfect gift!

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