The train that the late Queen Elizabeth rode between Osaka, Kyoto and Nara is back as a sightseeing train - Kintetsu Sightseeing Express 'Aoniyoshi'

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Kintetsu's 'Aoniyoshi' is the only express train connecting the three popular Kansai tourist attractions of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka, and is very convenient for travelling around the three cities. The train interior is luxurious and spacious, with comfortable seats and a very soothing train journey.

Here is a quick introduction to the level of comfort on the train and its experience.

Level of comfort in the train ① - Twin seats with luxurious space and excellent seating comfort

The seats are luxurious, with one row plus one row of twin seats facing each other. The windows are wide and offer a good view of the outside scenery. The seats are soft and comfortable, as if they envelop you the moment you sit down, so you don't get tired even if you sit for a long time.

▲The lapis lazuli lights on the tables and the high seats in the back that block the view take everyone on a journey through time-honoured history.

▲There are salon seats available for groups, and the seats and aisles are separated, so the space is semi-private.

Comfort in the train ② - Sales counter in car No. 2, which is inspired by the construction of azekura (a storehouse) in Nara Shosoin (Nara Imperial Storehouse).

At the sales counter, dedicated attendants in modern Japanese uniforms provide on-board service. You can also buy Nara craft beer, seasonal fruit juices and drinks made along the Kintetsu railway lines. You can also buy original goods and sweets only available on the train, the variety of which may change depending on the time of year.

▲If you are travelling from Kyoto to Nara, it is advisable to buy a ticket immediately after boarding the train, as the journey takes only about 35 minutes.

■Recommended menu items available for purchase on board ① - Aoniyoshi butter sandwiches 'Raisin & Marron', sold only on board the train

This original butter sandwich, inspired by the colours of the 'Aoniyoshi' train car, was created by Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka and is exclusive to this limited edition express train. The cream, raisin and marron flavours inside are well matched and the taste is elegant and not too sweet. It is also delightfully sized so that it can be eaten in one bite, and is served with coffee or tea for ¥1,000.

Recommended menu items available for purchase on board ② - Mahoroba Great Buddha Pudding and commemorative train pass

This soft pudding made with a generous amount of the finest fresh cream. The silky texture and the rich caramel flavor of the lower layers are superb, making it the perfect treat for tired travelers. The container lid has a cute face of the Great Buddha printed on it and costs ¥400 per piece.

You can also take home a commemorative train ticket, which is available at the sales counter in Car 2.

Recommended menu items available for purchase in the car ③ - Soft  gauze handkerchiefs.

Goods available on board include key rings, face towels and clear files. However, the soft gauze handkerchief is only available on this express train. The extremely fine yarn used makes it very soft to the touch, lightweight, quick-drying and easy to use. The design on the surface of the handkerchief is also cute, making it an ideal souvenir from Japan. ¥500 per handkerchief.

Message to guests visiting the country

The 'Aoniyoshi' was named after the beauty of the Nara capital. The emblem at the front of the train was designed with reference to a pattern used on crafts and other items from the middle of the 8th century as a harbinger of good fortune. We hope that something auspicious will happen to you while travelling in Japan on board the sightseeing express.
 The 'Aoniyoshi' is the only sightseeing express linking three of the Kansai region's most popular tourist attractions - Kyoto, Nara and Osaka - and is a very convenient way to travel around the three cities. Enjoy new discoveries and wonderful journeys in Kyoto and Nara.

Sightseeing express 'Aoniyoshi' operation schedule     A B

   ①First Service Osaka Namba - Kyoto (via Kintetsu Nara) 09:22-10:50 09:32-10:49

②Second Service Kyoto - Kintetsu Nara       11:20-11:55

③Third Service Kintetsu Nara-Kyoto         12:10-12:45

   ④Fourth Service Kyoto - Kintetsu Nara    13:20-13:55 13:20-13:54

   ⑤Fith Service Kintetsu Nara-Kyoto       14:10-14:45

   ⑥Sixth Service Kyoto - Osaka Namba (via Kintetsu Nara) 15:20-16:40 15:20-16:39

     ※As a rule, no services operate on Thursdays.
Please also note that the operating schedule differs between weekdays and weekends.