teamLab Borderless: MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM has opened at Azabudai Hills, Tokyo

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    • 2024-04-02

”The teamLab Borderless" at Odaiba Tokyo has moved to Azabudai Hills and opened newly on February 9 2024.
More than 70 works of art are exhibited in a continuous, borderless world, so that you can immerse yourself in the artworks.

Among the many works you will encounter there, I would like to introduce a few that I experienced firsthand and found particularly impressive!

■Borderless World

Numerous pieces of art leave the room and mingle at times with other works of art, creating one continuous world without boundaries.

Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather

When a person stands on the rock or touches the waterfall, they too become like a rock that changes the flow of water.

A Whole Year per Hour / Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year per Hour
Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well: Flying Beyond Borders

Visitors can experience the colorful blossoms, which vary with the time of day, intermingle with other works of art.
This artwork shows how flowers are born and scatter, how they change with the seasons, and how they relate to people, animals, and nature.

Bubble Universe

Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light - One Stroke

It is a space where countless spheres of light fill. The spectacle of soap bubble-like lights and wobbly lights shimmering and glowing under the influence of people's movements is breathtaking.

"Light Sculpture - Flow" series

Chromatic Sphere("Light Sculpture - Flow" series)

"Light Sculpture - Flow" series. The place engulfed people in a huge light sculpture by flowing outward light.
I enjoyed the sensation of light surging through the air, with realistic sound.

Come and experience borderless art!


In this edition, we introduced a selection of works from the newly renovated "teamLab Borderless”.
Many other works are constantly moving and mixing with each other, so you will have a different view each time you visit.
We invite you to enjoy your own immersive experience!

Information of the museum:
teamLab Borderless: MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM

zabudai Hills Garden Plaza B B1
1-2-4 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo