Sweets souvenir favorite Tokyo Banana turns their Eevee flavor into giant Pokémon plushie

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    • 2021-05-18
「イーブイ東京ばな奈 メガだきマクラ」(⾮売品)

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Source: PR Times

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On more than one occasion, Tokyo Banana has parlayed its status as the number one sweets souvenir in Tokyo into sweet-tooth satisfying collaborations. The popular banana and milk cream filled banana-shaped sponge cakes have been turned into premium Kit Kats, and has recently made a big splash teaming up with Pokémon for adorable and delicious Pikachu and Eevee flavored cakes.

Just last month, the two teamed up again to celebrate the Pikachu flavor with a giant Tokyo Banana Pikachu plushie that recreated the spongey Pokemon cake as a massive huggy pillow. This time it's Eevee's turn for a plushie transformation, as 25 lucky fans will be rewarded with a Tokyo Banana Eevee mega plushie pillow as part of a special lottery.


As you can see below, the 120cm (nearly four feet) long "Eevee Tokyo Banana Mega Dakimakura" (Eevee Tokyo Banana Mega Huggy Pillow) is as tall as five Tokyo Banana Eevee flavor (chocolate flavored sponge cake and a caramel macchiato custard cream), and are the spitting image of the cakes themselves.


A lottery of 25 plushies will be awarded at random to those who follow the official Tokyo Banana Twitter account and retweet the below Tweet by May 29th.



©2021 Pokémon. ©1995-2021 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

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