Special traveling exhibition celebrates stop-motion animation PUI PUI Molcar

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    • 2021-12-15

Source: PR Times

Since it’s debut back in January this year, PUI PUI Molcar has hit the road fast, sweeping up fans of all ages from across the nation. At only 2 minutes in length per short, the stop-motion animation focussing on the hectic lives of the guinea-pig-motor-car hybrids, makes PUI PUI Molcar an easy to follow series of light-hearted stories that has spawned a number of related forms of entertainment, from pop-up cafes to mobile and Nintendo switch games.

In celebration of the program's success, PUI PUI Molcar will be holding its first ever exhibition at Osaka’s Shinsaibashi PARCO store this winter. On top of that, if you missed all the fuss, the program will be re-aired from this coming January 4th 2022.

The event will see a reproduced diorama of the set used in the 9th episode Everything is a Surprise, and will also feature the puppets used in the show’s production.
Additionally, visitors can check out the “oversized” PUI PUI Molcar photo spot where they can take a commemorative snapshot of themselves riding a life-sized Molcar, and pick up some event-limited goods from the PUI PUI Molcar gift shop.

After landing in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi PARCO, the exhibition will go on tour and is scheduled to arrive at Urawa, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai and Hiroshima in the future.

On display for the first time will be a handful of the program’s regular stars. Visitors can see not only the main “cast” such as Potato, Shiromo and Abby, but also other characters that appear in episode 9.
This display is featuring the actual puppets used in the shooting of the television series.

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