The world's sole official Sesame Street store, located at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

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    • 2024-02-20

The world's only official store combining Sesame Street merch, a café, and a workshop has opened in Sunshine City, at Ikebukuro, Tokyo!
We report about this must-see store for the fans, with many items only available here.

■Introducing three categories of popular products from the merch section!

Most of the products in store are original items from the Sesame Street Market.
Here are some of the most popular items since the store opened.

●Sketch series

Sketch mug bottle (3,630 yen including tax) / Sketch mug (1,980 yen including tax) / Sketch tote bag (1,980 yen including tax) / Sketch hand towel (1,320 yen including tax)

This fashionable series features sketch-like illustrations with a vintage style.
While retaining the cuteness of the characters, the design allows daily use by people of all ages.


Plush L (9,680 yen including tax) / Plush M (4,730 yen including tax) / Plush S (3,520 yen including tax)

First of all, one of the most eye-catching items in the store: plushies.
Starting from the left of the picture are Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird, each available in three sizes.

Sesame Street Market also offers a variety of plushies of other characters.

●Canned sweets

Popcorn tins / Elmo cookie tins / Cookie Monster tins (all 1,836 yen including tax)

The canned sweets are also very popular, perfect for souvenirs. It features a colorful packaging to keep as decoration, even after you finish eating.
Aside from the picture ones, Financier cans (2,376 yen including tax) and Crunch chocolate cans (1,944 yen including tax) are also available.

■ A colorful café corner also available

A the New York-style café corner, you can enjoy dining with its warm and inviting interior.
There is also a large size big bird by the corner!

In the showcase, cute food items such as colorful donuts featuring Sesame Street characters are displayed. Just by looking at them feels exciting!

This time we ordered the Elmo and Cookie Monster donuts.
Looking closer at it, the donuts are larger than we thought, and not just cute, but also satisfying to eat.

We have introduced you an official store where you can fully enjoy the world of "Sesame Street"!
There are plans to release collaborative items and hold new workshops, so keep your eyes on them.

※The contents are as of the date of the interview.

Facility information:
Sesame Street Market
Address: 1F ALPA, Sunshine City Shopping District, 3-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo