「ReFa BOUTIQUE OMOTESANDO」, a store where you can experience all the products of the 「ReFa」 beauty brand

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    • 2024-01-13

「ReFa」 is a beauty brand that offers items that combine beauty equipment and cosmetics.
At the hands-on store in Omotesando, visitors can try variety of ReFa products before purchase.

This time, we will introduce popular products by genre!


ReFa Heart Brush (2,970 yen, tax included)

This brush loosens tangles, brushes up hair, and makes hair shiny with just a quick combing.
The heart-shaped design fits in your hand and it's popular as a gift.

■Beauty equipment

ReFa MOTION CARAT (31,350 yen including tax), Refa MOTION PRO (31,350 yen including tax), ReFa CARAT RAY (29,480 yen including tax), ReFa CARAT RAY FACE (24,750 yen including tax), ReFa S CARAT RAY (21,450 yen including tax)

ReFa rollers are available in many types for different purposes, from the face to the body.
You are sure to find the one that best suits the purpose you want to achieve!

■Hair care

ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER PRO (43,000 yen including tax), ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER HOLDER (3,300 yen including tax)

A sensor in the middle of the dryer detects the temperature and keeps the temperature below about 50°C on the scalp and below about 60°C on the ends of the hair.
It provides a salon-like finish.

ReFa BEAUTECH STRAIGHT IRON (22,000 yen tax included), ReFa BEAUTECH CURL IRON 26 / ReFa BEAUTECH CURL IRON 32 (24,000 yen tax included)

The unique 「carbon layer plate」 reduces damage to hair caused by heat from the iron, allowing for shiny, beautiful styling.


ReFa FINE BUBBLE DIA (48,000 yen tax included), ReFa ION CARE BRUSH PREMIUM (8,500 yen tax included)

The cleansing power of the two bubbles, 「Ultra Fine Bubble」 and 「Micro Bubble」, a technology originating from Japan, will lead you to beautiful skin.
Your usual shower time will become an exquisite bath time!

A line of items that respond to your desire to be beautiful, will surely make a great gift for yourself and also as a present or souvenir.

Please visit ReFa BOUTIQUE OMOTESANDO where you can actually try all ReFa products and experience them.

Facility information:
Address: Omotesando Hills B2F, 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo