【Rankings in Japan】 An ally when you are hungry "Japanese delicacies (Fishery delicacies)"

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    • 2021-04-27

Rankings in Japan, the latest popularity ranking in Japan introduced by the staff!

This time, focus on the delicacies that are very popular with men and women of all ages in Japan!

【Fisheries delicacies popularity ranking】

In Japan, there are many delicacies that are absolutely indispensable as snacks for children and as side dishes for adults.

This time, the staff of "Japan Shopping Now" will try and report on the products ranked in the top 3 popular Fishery delicacies!

【The first rank :Kabayaki-san Taro】

One of the typical traditional foods in Japan is eel kabayaki.

It's really delicious.

You can enjoy "Kabayaki-san Taro" at a cost of about 1/200 while respecting the kabayaki.

The real eel kabayaki is printed on the package.

As some of you may know, eel kabayaki is made by adding an exquisitely sweet and spicy sauce to the eel that has been roasted, then roasting it again, and then placing it on top of freshly cooked plump white rice.

The real thing of "Kabayaki-san Taro" made by paste of walleye pollock, is not a snack that perfectly reproduces the eel kabayaki.

However, soy sauce, sweet sake, and sugar are used for seasoning to keep it closer to the taste of real sauce.

It is a strong point that can be provided the eel kabayaki-like taste to everyone from children to adults at a reasonable price.

Since it is a popular product that everyone has eaten, Japanese people make various arrangements of their own style.

"Kabayaki-san Taro" is a simple product, so there is plenty of room for ingenuity, such as making it crispy, softening, chopping into small pieces, and mixing with other dishes.

I put mayonnaise as a topping.

The mayonnaise and soy sauce go great together, so it was delicious without complaint, it`s excellent◎

It is a product that you can try each way of enjoying.

There is such a description on the back of the package of "Kabayaki-san Taro".

"In rare cases, two pieces may be included, but please understand."

It is said that 2 pieces are not intentionally put in by the manufacturer, but rarely occur in the bagging process.

It seems that among "Kabayaki-san Taro" fans, it is said that if you win two pieces, you will be blessed with the best luck.

By the way, when the popular YouTuber purchased 1,000 items, it seems that only one of the two pieces was found.

The second rank:Chee-tara】

"Chee-tara" is the irreplaceable partner for fathers when drink at home.

It`s stick-shaped cheese sandwiched with minced white fish (cod fish or atka mackerel).

About 40 years since its launch in 1982, it has been the vitality for tomorrow for fathers.

There are many arrangement recipes for "Chee-tara", but let`s try the recommendation by the manufacturer "Grilled Chee-tara".

①Put "Chee-tara" on the cooking sheet with a space of 1 cm or more.

②Heat in the microwave for about 1 minute.

③When it cools, tear it off from the cooking sheet and completed!

It's easy.

It has changed to a crispy texture and is really delicious.

Of course, it`s enough satisfied with the soft and moist Chee-tara as it is.

It's so delicious that you'll be worried that once you open it, you'll eat it all at once.

The second rank in sales this time is 145g of "value bag", but 27g of "JUST PACK" is also on sale.

If you feel guilty about eating one "value" bag, "JUST PACK" may be a good choice.

【The third rank:Taratara shitenjane-yo】

This is the product became famous because Hinako Shibuno, a female professional golf player who won AIG Women's Open ate it between plays.

As a result, it was in short supply for a while.

It's still very popular, and after all, "Taratara shitenjane-yo" itself is delicious.

This product has the feeling that only the cod part of the 2nd rank "Chee-tara" is extracted and seasoned firmly there.

It's spicy because it uses chili pepper and Chinese chili bean sauce for seasoning, but it's a masterpiece that you can also feel the taste of cod.

Many fans say that this is also the best snack for alcoholic beverage.

I don't drink so much, so I tried it with cola, but this combination is excellent.

The harmony between the spiciness of the product and exhilarating feeling of cola was the best, and I wanted to continue eating it forever.

The products introduced this time can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores.

The best 5 for this time is here↓↓↓

Rank1 Kabayaki-san Taro 1 piece

Rank2 Chee-tara value bag 145g

Rank3 Taratara shitenjane-yo 12g

Rank4 Cut Yocchan 15g

Rank5 Sudako-san Taro 1 piece

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