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Image Source: PLAZA Style Company

PLAZA is a lifestyle store that always offers new and fun items.
We visited one of the largest shops in Tokyo, located on the first floor of the Tokyo International Forum, close to Tokyo Station.

The shop is also home to the Brooklyn Roasting Company, a café that originated in Brooklyn, New York, where you can enjoy shopping in a cosy environment with the aroma of coffee.

■Popular Items

The following is an introduction to the most popular products at the PLAZA Tokyo shop by genre!

① Cosmetics
Cosmetic items are a particularly hot-selling product category at PLAZA.
Two of the most popular brands are listed here.


The brand is popular with both men and women, using skin-friendly ingredients and offering a simple, beautiful finish.

Fancier (JPY 3,850 incl. tax), Black Sponge (JPY 770 incl. tax) Image courtesy of PLAZA Style Company


Produced by former HKT48 member Rino Sashihara, a well-known beauty enthusiast, the brand has been very popular since its creation in 2021.

In the Mirror Eye Palette 05 and 06 (JPY 2,640 each incl. tax), Sensual Fix Tint 07 and 08 (JPY 1,870 each incl. tax) Images courtesy of PLAZA Style Company.

② Miscellaneous goods
PLAZA offers a wide range of cute sundries, and we would like to introduce the original sundry goods series 'PLAZA BASICS'.

'PLAZA BASICS' is an exciting range of items with the key phrase 'UN-NECESSARY NECESSITIES'.

Stainless steel bottles (tax included 2,420 JPY each), square lunch pouch (tax included 1,980 JPY each), drawstring lunch bag (tax included 2,530 JPY each), cap beige/navy (tax included 3,520 JPY each), PLAZA logo TEE logo T-shirt ash (tax included 3,300 JPY each).

Stainless steel bottles and lunch bags in vivid colours make lunchtime fun.
Original T-shirts and caps are fashion items designed with the uniforms of overseas supermarkets in mind.


There is also a wide range of food products and foreign imported snacks!

PLAZA exclusive drinking water

PLAZA Natural Mineral Water 350ml(Tax included 129 JPY)

Mineral water with a cute and colourful design, exclusive to PLAZA and MINiPLA!
At 350 ml, it's the perfect size to drink up when you're feeling a little thirsty.

PLAZA Tokyo offers a wide range of trendy and fashionable items, from cosmetics to miscellaneous goods and foodstuffs.
Visit on your next trip to Tokyo!

Store Information:
PLAZA Tokyo Store
Location: 1F, Block A, Tokyo International Forum, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo