One of the largest directly managed official Nintendo stores in Japan - Nintendo OSAKA Daimaru Umeda store

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    • 2022-12-09

Nintendo OSAKA Daimaru Umeda Store, one of the largest directly-operated official Nintendo stores in Japan, opened in November at the Daimaru Umeda Store, just outside Osaka Station. The store sells more than 2,000 products, including game-related goods and software such as The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon, and boasts an area of 800 sqm, almost three times larger than Nintendo TOKYO, which is currently open at Shibuya Parco. The shop also offers a range of souvenir goods such as confectionery.

 Let's take a quick look inside the shop.

Super Mario series section

The jolly and cheerful Super Mario with his red hat, blue overalls and trademark moustache awaits at the stand. Mario's pose is very cheerful. This area has a Super Mario mascot, tote bags, salt & pepper and other items.

■Splatoon series section

Splatoon is a cool action-shooting game where four-on-four players paint each other with ink and compete to see how much area they have finally covered. In the corner where the mysterious Inkling, which can transform into human form, stands in the centre, there are lunch boxes, mugs, pouches, towels, key holders and other small items, cookie snacks and even colorful cushions.

■The Legend of Zelda series section

 The Legend of Zelda action adventure game series has been on sale for over 30 years. There is a table with a large statue of the main character Link, glasses, warm mugs, rubber coasters and other tableware items, as well as an A5 notebook with cover.

Nintendo OSAKA exclusive goods ① - Logo T-shirt Nintendo OSAKA

Original, colorful, made-in-Japan T-shirts with logo. It comes in two colours, red and grey, and four sizes (S, M, L and XL). Packaged in a stylish tube-shaped container, they make ideal souvenirs. 5,280\ (tax included).

Nintendo OSAKA exclusive goods ② - Jetstream Multifunctional Pen 4 & 1Nintendo OSAKA

A made-in-Japan 4-color ballpoint pen & mechanical pencil multifunction pen with a red body and the Nintendo OSAKA logo. Aside from the logo, it also has Pikmin, Splatoon and other symbols on it. 1,650¥/1 pen.

■Recommended product ① - Crunchy chocolates (baked goods)

Although not exclusive to Osaka, thess new baked goods are very crispy and tasty. Popular as souvenirs, the containers have designs of Super Mario and Link from The Legend of Zelda, etc. 12 pieces, 1,760¥

Recommended product ② - Card holder electric heckle yellow pikmin

 A new product in the Pikmin series that glows when a contactless card is placed inside the card case and held over an IC card reader. This product is full of the cuteness of the electricity-resistant yellow Pikmin. 1,980¥

■Information from the shop
The spacious 800 m2 shop offers a relaxing shopping experience. In addition to games consoles and software, a wide range of products are available, including stationery, clothing and snacks. Numbered tickets are distributed during busy times, which can be found on the shop's official Twitter
(@N_Offcialstore), so please check there if you are thinking of visiting the shop.

▲The wall and shop displays in the shop are very fun and exciting.

Nintendo OSAKA Daimaru Umeda shop location