<Prize Showcase> 4 Souvenirs of the "NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD"

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    • 2024-03-15

As a prize for the Japan Shopping Festival, 8 winners will receive an assortment of 4 products that have won the NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD.

The NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD is a prestigious award that has been held ever since 1960, and the Minister's Prize and the Secretary's Award are given in four categories: food, confectionery, folk crafts, and global items.

These award-winning souvenirs are all wonderful items that seem to condensate the charm of Japan!

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Japanese style fruit black tea(17g / 11g dried fruit, 6g Japanese black tea)

Discover new flavors! "Japanese style fruit black tea" made from non-standard fruits from Yamanashi Prefecture is the result of the sixth industrialization of upcycling. It has a cute design and is made with a special dry manufacturing method, and no addition of sugar or flavoring. A fruit tea very popular among women. Its expiry date is of 12 months from the manufacture date, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Asahiya  Meyer Lemon Cake

The "Asahiya Meyer Lemon Cake" luxuriously uses carefully grown local Meyer lemons. Honey-soaked lemons sit on top of the pound cake, making it a flavorful dish. It has a expiry date of 90 days, perfect for a souvenir.

Assortment of 5 bags of multi flavored dried seaweed with ingredients plum, salmon, sea urchin , green onion miso and mentaiko flavors

An assortment of multi flavored dried seaweed that you can enjoy casually! The seaweed is sprinkled with ingredients and finished with a secret seasoning. Perfect for rice balls ("onigiri") and snacks. You can enjoy a variety of flavors, with an expiry date of 12 months. Please try it!

Daruma's ups and downs "RED" paper ornament

A lucky charm of "Daruma's ups and downs" that stands up again, no matter how many times you may fall. Swaying in a natural breeze, you can enjoy it as an interior decoration or for its design. Also, if you attach a stamp and address, you can post it in the mailbox with a letter. May happiness come to you when you get up again!

Have a wonderful trip while fully enjoying the charm of Japan!