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    • 2024-03-30

"niko and ..." is a brand popular for its simple, sophisticated fashion designs.

For this edition, we visited the global flagship "niko and ... TOKYO" store in Harajuku, Tokyo, and asked the shop staff to share their recommended spring coordinates!

Fresh and girly spring denim coordinates

Drawsting Zip Jumbers (7,700 yen)

A denim-on-denim coordination of a striped shirt in spring colors with a jeans skirt and vest.
White is added to the accessories to create a light, spring-like taste.

Marce Ribbon Sleeve shirts (5,940 yen) Cloche Hat (3,300 yen)

Open the front of the vest to show the shirt and jeans skirt well.
The Cloche hat is lightweight and simple in design that perfectly matches a wide range of styles.

Compact String Vest (7,150 yen) Original Ribbon Gather Pumps (5,280 yen)

You can also enjoy a different impression by closing up the vest to show the ribbon. Shoes are also matched with white ribbons for a girly taste.

■Adult natural style created with a navy trench

Half Trench Flared Coat (9,900 yen) Stretch Tapered Pants (4,950 yen)

The classic spring trench coat has a flared silhouette and is easy to put on and off.
You can easily create a mature look by choosing a navy coat with a pants style.

Care Easy Lantern Volume Pullover (4,400 yen)Marce Dolman Band Shirt (5,500yen )

This fluffy pullover with voluminous sleeves is cute when the sleeves are slightly pulled out from the outer layer to show the border!

T-strap Shoes (5,940 yen)

Easy to match with both pants and skirts, these strappy shoes are softer than they look.

Sweet x Sports Mix with a tulle dress layered on top

Layered Lingerie Dress (4,950 yen)

A jersey top and denim pants are paired with a tulle layered lingerie dress for a sporty x girly mix style.

Coloer Cap (2,420 yen)

Add a colored cap in a natural color for a casual accent.

Assort Track Jersey (5,940 yen)Self-cut Barrel Pants (5,940 yen)Belt Mesh Sneakeres (6,930 yen)

When the hem of the dress swings, the lame sparkles.

This article introduces recommended Sitems for spring 2024 from "niko and ...".
If you find a favorite coordinate, please check out the actual store as well!

※All information is current at the time of the interview.

Shop information:
niko and … TOKYO
J6FRONT 1F & 2F, 6-12-20 Jingumae, Shibuya ward, Tokyo