New blue Mt. Fuji beer and traditional cut class lets you pour a snow covered Mt. Fuji

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    • 2020-10-18

As a UNESCO World Heritage site and a symbol of Japan’s natural beauty, Japan’s majestic Mt. Fuji has been the inspiration for a lot of creative products recently. It’s form has been recreated as “snowcapped Mt. Fuji” ice bars and charming erasers that reveal the iconic mountain with each mistake you make.

Fujisan Product, a company that specializes in making Mt. Fuji-themed food and drink, is now letting you throw back a cold one inspired by Japan’s favorite mountain. The Mt. Fuji dedicated group is releasing a refreshing blue beer based beverage that looks just like a snow covered Mt. Fuji, especially when poured in their special Mt. Fuji glass!

The project is a collaboration with beverage retailer Millex Japan, traditional Japanese glass maker Tajima Glass, and the award winning Far Yeast Brewing.

The blue color is due to use of Spirulina, a blue-green algae, and blueberry. The officially titled Blue Mt. Fuji Nama uses natural water from Mt. Fuji, and is characterized by a fruity hop aroma and citrus and berry flavors. When poured into the specially made glass, the head of the beverage recreates a snow covered Mt. Fuji.

The glass was made by Tajima Glass, who specializes in Edo kiriko (Edo (Tokyo’s old name) cut glass), an art-form that allows for intricately designed patterns and beautiful colors in glassware.

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