【My Favorite Item】~A towel that snuggles up to the heart of the passionate president 『HOTMAN Pocket Towel』HOTMAN President Masayuki Sakamoto

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「My Item」~A towel that snuggles up to the heart of the passionate president

『HOTMAN Pocket Towel』HOTMAN President Masayuki Sakamoto

A quiet and passionate man, that is the first impression of President Masayuki Sakamoto. Engaged in the production department since joining the company, and Mr. Sakamoto was appointed as the president of HOTMAN, a long-established luxury towel maker, when he was 38 years old. 6 years since then. He travels all over Japan every day and produces hit products such as "1 second towels".

"I like manufacturing. I feel it is my mission to create a comfortable time for customers through items."

365 days, there is no day without touching the towel. Washing face in the morning, Washing hands in the afternoon, until Bathing at night. A towel that touches the skin and absorbs moisture all day. Yes, there is a towel beside of a healthy and comfortable time.

"We make towels that do not cheat with chemicals because these touch with the skin every day. HOTMAN towels are more expensive than others because those are carefully made using high-quality cotton by taking time, but water-absorbent is very high, so these are loved as a safe and secure towel."

What is Mr. Sakamoto's "My Item"?

"It's a HOTMAN pocket towel that I've been using for four years. It's not for sale now, but I like the fact that it can be used in a suit pocket like a handkerchief."

When he showed me, I see. It has been used. With a width of about 10 cm and a long length, it has a size and shape that has never been seen anywhere else. He love it too much !? He told that he has about 10 of the same thing.

After listening to the story so far, I suddenly noticed. No matter what question I ask Mr. Sakamoto, it will surely lead to the story of HOTMAN's towel. Exactly, the president of full-body manufacturing 24 hours a day, 365 days. The narrative tone is quiet, but Mr. Sakamoto is passionate. The passionate desire to make the first fair trade cotton towel in Japan, work on the SDGs as soon as possible, and change the world to the "ideal direction" is conveyed through manufacturing.

Suddenly I was curious. What is your hobby?

"My hobby is fishing. I enjoy fishing in the sea and in the river. If I have time, I would like to go fishing for landlocked salmon with my kids."

I was a little relieved. President, that is indispensable for fishing, isn't it?

"Of course. Towels are indispensable for fishing."