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    • 2024-01-02

At Shinsaibashi Shopping Street, there are many stores、 such as luxuary brands, department stores and drug stores. In this shopping street, MIZUNO has opened its sneakers shop. For sneaker lovers and Mizuno products lovers, this shop is a must-see.

Let's have a look right now!
Recommended sneakers ①・・・WAVE PROPHCY β2, very popular, sells out right away

▲ 4 color variations: black, white, etc., size from 23 cm to 30 cm, 27, 500 yen(Tax included, the same shall apply hereinafter)

Comparing to the sneakers of other brands, they are excellent in impact of the soles, cushioning and stability. These are masterpieces filled with the know-how that has been developed since the foundation of Mizuno, 110 years ago. Some of these sneakers sell out as soon as they come out, so we recommend you buy them as early as you can.

Recommended sneakers ②・・・MIZUNO MR1 with the M mark by Mizuno as a symbol of "made in Japan"

▲Size from 23 cm to 29 cm. The price is from 15, 400 yen, it depends on the variation.
This product is made in Japan, at Mizuno's own factory that creates shoes for professional athletes. They are more comfortable than other sneakers and have excellent fit. With color variations, water proofing, etc., there are more than 10 types of sneakers that bring happiness to the sneaker lovers!

Recommended sneakers ③・・・WAVE RIDER 10, recommended by the shop manager

8 color variations, size form 23 cm to 30 cm. From 15, 950 yen.

These are sneakers for walking in the street, based on the 10th generation WAVE RIDER, the main running shoes model of Mizuno These are the sneakers with mesh stuffing and leather, and they are popular with color variations which are also recommended by the shop manager.

■Message to guests visiting Japan
The shop interior is designed with an asphalt floor and walls with mesh net like grooves, so that you can picture how you usually feel in the street with the sneakers.
Please wear and compare various sneakers, and if you would like to ask questions, please tell the staff, they can speak English, Chinese and Korean. We can also do duty-free.

The shop is in front of Shinsaibashi Shopping Street, which makes shopping efficient.

Address:2-2-18 Shinsaibashi Chuo-Ku Osaka City
Nearest station:7 minutes to walk from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, Shinsaibashi Station