Miki House, Be Be : Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro with a selection of popular children's clothes.

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This is a must-see for those who want to buy children's clothes and toys when sightseeing in Tokyo. Let us introduce Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro where you will find manny popular Japanese brands of kids` wear and baby goods.

Abundant selection! Recommended for those who want to buy miki HOUSE.

If you want to buy miki HOUSE, which is very popular overseas, Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro is the place to go.

We are proud of our vast sales floor with a wide variety of goods.

From baby to kids' wear, shoes, bags, hats, and more, miki HOUSE offers a wide variety of Japanese-made items, from the latest miki HOUSE creations to popular standard items..

Among them, there are a wide variety of baby and kids` shoes, and a special shoe corner.

The shoes of Miki House, which are specially made to fit children's feet, are extremely popular.

Many Japanese parents buy Miki House shoes as their children's first shoes.

There are plenty educational books, stuffed animals, and popular toys.

Fashionable rain goods that make you feel happy even on rainy days.

Place of sale : miki HOUSE 7F 2Banchi

From Kobe : Well-Designed Children's clothing brand BeBe

BeBe was founded in Kobe in 1971 with the idea of "bringing the joy of adult fashion to children.. BeBe products are well-designed and have excellent functionality, are also very popular as fashionable gifts.

New for 2022. The original pattern inspired by movie magazines is very fashionable~!

Left : Satin Cinema Magazine Print Dress (100~150cm) \15,400 (tax included).

Right : Satin Cinema Magazine Print Skirt (100~150cm) \7,700 (tax included).

It uses a stylish pink plaid pattern in purple and navy blue. It is also recommended to coordinate with sisters.

Left : Dress w / check belt (90~150cm) \ 13,200 (tax included).

Right : Skirt w / check buttons (90~150cm) \ 7,700 (tax included).

Sold at : BeBe 7F 1 banchi.

A variety of goods from the popular Japanese TV show character "Wan Wan" and his friends!

7F 1-2banchi. Let's plays along with Niko Happy Kids' NHK Characters.

There is a souvenir corner in the indoor amusement park with characters from NHK's popular infant TV programs such as "Wan-Wan", "U-Tan" and "Cossy" as motif of Snacks, stuffed animals, goods such as sundries and toys recommended for presents!

If your children like Wan-Wan, they will be definitely excited.

This article is for sale at the moment. Nigitte Pu~Pu Lucita.

It makes a buzzing sound when squeezed.

Whether you're looking for quality materials, stylish designs, or gift items, Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro is a fun place to shop for children's items!

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