Magnificent Views of Mt. Fuji and an Adventure on Mt. Kintoki

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    • 2021-03-22

Hakone is famous for its views of Mt. Fuji, but the best views of Mt. Fuji can be found just outside Hakone, from Mt. Kintoki.

Easily accessible by bus, and with trails that are enjoyable for novices or veteran hikers, Mt. Kintoki is the perfect place for an afternoon adventure outdoors!

Getting to Mt. Kintoki

The best way to enjoy hiking Mt. Kintoki is to start from the Otome Pass trail in Gotemba. Fortunately, there's a bus stop right at the trailhead!

From Shinjuku Station, board the Kosoku Bus and ride to the Otome-Toge bus stop. The trip takes about 90 minutes and tickets cost 1,880 yen. A reservation is required, and can be made at the Expressway Bus website.

Hiking Otome Pass

Once you arrive at Otome-Toge, follow the signs to Mt. Kintoki and the Otome Ridge. It's a gentle half hour hike to the top of Otome Ridge, where you'll find an observation deck and several picnic tables.

If you bring food, this is a great place to enjoy a snack. Please remember not to leave any trash on the trail!

As you hike, you'll have fantastic views of Mt. Fuji, while the observation deck provides a perfect photo op.

On to Mt. Kintoki

After you catch your breath at the top of Otome Pass, it's time to start up Mt. Kintoki itself! The trip to the summit will take between 90 minutes and two hours.

The trail is a mix of gentle and steep terrain; an easy trek for veteran hikers, and a fun challenge for those with no hiking experience.

As you make your way up the mountain, be sure to enjoy the bird's eye views of Hakone and Lake Ashinoko!

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