LUSH unveils Japan-only spring inspired bath bomb collection

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    • 2022-03-25

Source: PR Times

Cosmetics brand LUSH has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small one store company based in the British coastal town of Poole, with the brand now leading the way in beauty and skincare in more than 49 countries, Japan included.
Even if you’ve never set foot in a store, you’ve likely had a whiff of their It smells so good, I could eat it-products on the high street.

Just like in other countries, LUSH stores in Japan often sell the usual products featured on their standard lineup, but this year the brand is bringing us something new – the Ippuku Series – a collection of 12 limited edition bath bombs that celebrate Japan’s four seasons. Before that though, they’re giving us a bonus in the form of a spring edition.

Available online for a short time only, this spring collection consists of three individual scented bath bombs inspired by the Japanese spring season. In no particular order, the scents are: 雛祭 (Peach), 花見 (Cherry) and 東風 (Plum).
⅓ of the size of LUSH’s regular bath bombs, these limited editions are perfect to spruce up any everyday bathtime.

To grab a set before they're gone, make sure to head on over to the LUSH website or the brand’s official LINE shop where they can be purchased for 1,400 yen. There you can also keep an eye out for any extra Japan-originals the brand might be adding to their lineup in the future.

The smells, colours and textures released with each bath bomb will transport your senses and make you feel as though you are taking a deep relaxing breath beneath Japan’s spring blossoms.

The size of each bath bomb may have been reduced to ⅓ of the standard, however, the brand has come up with a unique way to make sure you can get the most out of them, attaching a “bath bomb tea bag” that ensures you can use them time and time again.

雛祭 – Peach

During the Peach Festival (formerly 桃の節句, now Hinamatsuri 雛祭) there is an old custom of taking a bath with peach leaves to cleanse the skin and remove bad luck. It is also believed that peach blossoms have powers in increasing longevity.

This bath bomb combines peach and ginger leaves. Peach is known to keep skin healthy, whilst ginger leaves are praised for their moisturising and firming effects.
Allow the sweet, delicate scent and the power of peaches to engulf your body and free you from everyday stresses.

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