KAWAII MONSTER CAFE reawakens in Osaka-based collaboration

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    • 2021-11-08

Source: PR Times

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Fans both in Japan and across the globe we’re saddened to hear of the closure of Harajuku’s KAWAII MONSTER CAFE at the end of January this year. A casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden closure of the iconic venue came as quite a shock when it was announced only a month earlier.

Whilst the closure of the venue seemed to mark the end of an era, what many didn’t realise is that the company had not said goodbye forever, as it makes a reappearance in Osaka’s Hu+g Museum from this November as pop-up version ‘KAWAII MONSTER KITCHEN’.

Though not quite as big as it’s previously occupied area, the pop-up cafe is as vibrant as ever and comes complete with a three metre-tall colourful ‘monster cake’ photospot, an eye-catching food menu, and the return of the cafe’s resident monster mascot Choppy.

As far as food goes, KAWAII MONSTER KITCHEN and Hu+g Museum have put their heads together and come up with three monster-fied burger set meals. Choose from a red-coloured burger bun filled with tonkatsu pork cutlet and bacon, a blue coloured burger stuffed with shrimp fritters and tartar sauce, and if you can’t choose between the former, the final set comes with mini versions of both.

Colourful Monster Burger Red (tonkatsu pork cutlet and bacon): 1,380 yen
Colourful Monster Burger Blue (shrimp fritters and tartar sauce): 1,380 yen
Colourful Pop Mini Monster Burger Blue & Red (mini tonkatsu and mini shrimp fritters): 1,280 yen
*All set meals come with potato wedges and a drink.
*Those who purchase a burger will be given a quiz rally card. Answer correctly and receive a limited edition mask case prize.

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