Kama-Asa: Handling Cooking Utensils in Kappabashi for Over 100 Years

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    • 2021-12-06

Kama-Asa, located along the Tokyo Kappabashi Street in Asakusa, has a history spanning over a century. The store handles more than 1,000 cooking tools, including iron pans and kitchen knives. Read on to learn about their business and recommended products.

Sensible Kitchen Tools
There are various stores handling cooking utensils, tableware, and food samples at the Kappabashi Dougu Street in Tokyo. Kama-Asa, with its stylish noren (store curtain), is a popular destination for both chefs and tourists.

Their motto is that fine tools are sensible.

The store has been operating for 113 years. The staff has inherited the spirit of the founders by delivering fine tools to their customers.

Hammered aluminum dantsuki pot made by Himeno/Size: from 19 to 28 centimeters/Price: from 16,093 to 25,740 yen (after tax). A separate lid is also available.

There are more than one thousand items in the store. Although the items may look simple, they are all made sturdily.

▶Nambu Asa-nabe Pan: A Popular Product

Nambu Asa-nabe, 20 centimeters, 7,040 yen after tax

The nambu cast ironware asa-nabe (pan) is a popular product. Nambu ware is a traditional craft of Japanese ironware made in Iwate, which is located in the Tohoku Region.

It can be used for multiple cooking styles, such as a frying pan, a plate for a steak, or even as a pan for sukiyaki. Nambu ware is recommended for those using ironware for the first time.

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