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JR Osaka Station is located in the centre of Umeda, Osaka City's largest downtown and business district, and is the largest terminal station in western Japan with good access to Kyoto and Nara. The grand opening of Eki Marché Osaka, directly connected to the Osaka Station ticket gate, meant the addition of 13 new restaurants. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of Japanese cuisine and sake.

This facility is easy to use for those who in the morning, before leaving for sightseeing want to have breakfast, of course lunch or even after a late night of sightseeing or shopping. Here are some of the best places to eat and recommended menus, depending on the time of day you use the restaurant.  

■[Hokkyokusei] (Arctic Star), the birthplace of omelette rice, opens in the morning from 8:00-23:00.

A long time ago, a regular customer who came to the restaurant for an omelette and white rice had a problem with his stomach. Seeing this, the chef rolled the fried rice in a thinly fried egg and served it with ketchup, which marked the beginning of omelette rice.

Hokkyokusei's Recommended menu(1) - Popular dish: beef stroganoff omelette rice, 1,330 yen.

Beef stroganoff omelette rice with fluffy eggs and meat. The sauce has the taste of red wine, but the acidity has been reduced to make it easy for everyone to enjoy. The use of domestic rice makes it a popular choice for guests visiting Japan.

Hokkyokusei's Recommended menu(2) ・・Omelette rice lunch box available for take-out: 1,380 yen.

Small omelette rice gently wrapped in egg and served with a tomato-based sauce on the side, accompanied by fried chicken, deep-fry prawns, hamburger steak and fried potatoes. The omelette rice is served with a choice of chicken or mushrooms.

At the restaurant, you can watch through the window the process of the omelette is being made, which is such a a relief.

■[Mentsururi], Toyama's Himi Udon noodles, available lunch and in the evening. Opens 11:00-23:00

This is a Himi Udon noodles specialty store where you can choose and add various toppings and dishes to your udon.

Mentsururi's Recommended menu (1) -For Tempura lovers: 'Half Kakiage Takikomi Gohan Set', 1,100 yen.

The set includes udon topped with kakiage, takikomi rice and two side dishes. Kakiage come with vegetables such as onions, burdock root and carrots, which are tempura-fried to order and served in a light, elegant broth, making an excellent udon.

Menzururi's Recommended menu (2) - Simple udon dish 'Zaru Udon', 590 yen.

The menu is recommended for those who simply want to eat udon, and the udon can be served warm or cold to suit the season and your body's needs. The restaurant also has menus in Korean, Chinese and English.

■[Takenoya] you can enjoy from lunch until late night Opens 11:00-23:00.

■Takenoya's recommended menu (1) - GuruGuru Torikawa (Wrapped Chicken Skin) , which sells 2,000 units a day, (162 yen/unit for take-out, 165 yen/unit for eat-in).

This is the shop's signature product, made by wrapping chicken neck skin around a skewer, grilling it and then laying it on the skewer for 72 hours. The texture is exquisite - crispy on the outside and sticky on the inside - and the flavour is comparatively rich, so the more you chew, the more the flavour seeps into your mouth. It is a popular product and even women can easily eat more than five pieces. GuruGuruTorikawa can also be taken away (take-out available 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00).

Takenoya's recommended menu (2): - Yakitori-ju set meal, lunchtime only, 979 yen.

 The lunch box contains four items: two chicken thighs, pork and miso marinated pork . Each dish is grilled to order, so it is hot and tasty. For those who love yakitori, this is a must have dish.

■[Yamanaka Sake no Mise] where you can enjoy 100 different types of sake in small quantities and at reasonable prices. Opens 11:00-23:000

 There are few places where you can easily enjoy a large variety of sake in one place, and at this shop you can choose and buy sake directly from the servers. The staff will politely show you the different flavors and how to drink sake.

▲Choice of Servers while enjoying sake, 250 yen/30 ml per glass

Yamanaka Sake no Mise recommended menu - fresh sea bream sashimi from the market, 580 yen.

The menu changes daily to suit the season, with foods to go with the sake, including fresh fish from the market. There are also foods not listed on the menu, and the chef's recommendation is the sashimi of sea bream.

■Message to visiting guests

 Eki Marché Osaka offers a wide variety of food based on the concept of a variety park. There are restaurants where you can enjoy sushi, udon noodles and fishermen's taverns, which are representative of Japanese cuisine, as well as Japanese sake. The restaurants are directly connected to the station and iopen from 6:30am to 23:30pm, depending on the restaurant, so that those travelling by night bus late at night can also enjoy Japanese food in the morning. Please take your time and enjoy Japanese food and Japanese culture here.

■Eki Marché Osaka's Location & Contact

    Next toOsaka Station Sakurabashi gate


       Closes: No regular holidays.

       Opening hours:06:30-23:30

         ※Opening hours vary depending on the shop, so be sure to check in advance.