Japan’s Kirby Cafes mark release of Kirby’s Dream Buffet game with limited-time-only dessert

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    • Food / Gourmet
  • Update date

    • 2022-08-25

Source: PR Times

Japan’s official Kirby Cafes already have menus filled to the brim with character-inspired dishes, but that doesn’t mean that the lineup can’t get even sweeter. Sometimes new menu items appear to celebrate a change in the seasons, or a new game release.

A new Kirby game called ‘Kirby’s Dream Buffet’ was released just this month, in which the pink protagonist rolls around food-themed levels, collecting strawberries with the aim to become the biggest possible Kirby.

To represent this new game, all three Kirby Cafe branches around Japan will add a special, limited-time-only dessert to the menu.

This tart is packed with strawberries and cream, and is topped with a particularly full-looking Kirby, who we can assume just finished gorging himself on strawberries.

In the game, Kirby competes with yellow, chocolate brown, and mint green versions of himself. These competitors are represented with drops of ramune as decoration around the tart.

This colourful and cute dessert will arrive on the menu from 1st September and roll off on 31st December 2022. It will cost 1628 yen, and will be served up at Kirby Cafe Tokyo and Hakata, as well as at the newest branch in Nagoya.

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