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Let me introduce the three most popular articles you saw in Japan Shopping Now last February. We hope you will take a good look at our Japan Shopping Now articles when planning your trip to Japan.

■.Most read event articles.#one : "Little Private Neighborhood Walking" Tsua at the Chuo Tourism Information Center.Oh.

The tour visits some of the city's most attractive spots, such as traditional Japanese sweets shops in Chuo-ku and the Tsukiji Outer Market. The tour is free of charge.

The event has ended now, but various events are held regularly at the Chuo-ku Tourist Information Center. Why don't you include it in your plan when you travel to Tokyo?

Here is the article (this event is closed now).

https://japanshopping.org/search/events/detail/ Petit Private Neighborhood Walk-You can decide which course you'd like to take with your guide - this is a luxurious limited-time special tour.

■.Most read.Goods.Article.1位:【岩田屋本店】<UNDERCOVER>2023SS Spring-Summer Men's & Women's Collection

It is a brand that represents Japanese fashion scene.UNDERCOVERSpring and summer collection.The sophisticated design and playful design are very popular.

At Iwataya, there are many other fashion items from popular brands all over the world. If you want to buy clothes or designer goods in Fukuoka, go to the main store of Iwataya.

■.Editorial staff recommendation first place.Nishijin-ori Silk Belt : Traditional Japanese Crafts.

When you come to Japan, why don't you get a pouch of Nishijin-ori, a traditional craft?

They are hand-made one by one, so they are very pleased as souvenirs that you can't find anywhere else. It is very convenient to use for various purposes such as personal computers, documents and small articles. Please buy them as memories of your trip.

Articles are here :.

https://japanshopping.org/ja/search/items/detail/ belt pouch.

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