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Source: Lisn

Do you want to change your mood with a scent that suits your feeling at work or when you go out?

At Lisn, you can choose from over 150 different scents and buy as little or as much as you like.

It is a scent specialty store with our scent concierge who help you choose the right incense for your taste and situation.

As well as incense that you can light and enjoy, we also have sachets that you can smell at room temperature, so you can carry them in your bag when you go out and enjoy the soft scent on your belongings.

We have a wide range of fragrances that are created from a variety of images, and new ones are introduced every year. If you are confused about choosing incense, we recommend our assortment of different scents.        

Source: Lisn

Editors' recommendations

 TRIAL ASSORTMENT・・・The set includes 15 typical incenses, with a wide variety of scents, including lemon and spicy mint.

Source: Lisn

▲The design is similar to that of a colored pencil case, which makes the colors look beautiful.     

PALLET・・・15 basic fragrances, including tropical fruits and rich floral scents, cut from a variety of situations such as day scenes, seasons, music and directions.

Source: Lisn

  The incense is usually used one by one as it is a complete scent, but this series can be burned together to create a harmony of scents. This assortment is also suitable for the musician.

Source: Lisn

▲Even if you can't play the piano, this package will make you want to hit the keys and feel fun.  

The Lisn online store has a chart to help you choose a fragrance. The chart, which shows the impressions of fragrances based on the elements Light/Heavy, Cool/Sweet, is a delight to look at and inspires imagery.

 ■Put our popular sachets in your bag and go!

The sachets come in a choice of 6 different scents, from sweet to citrusy. The sachets are small enough to carry in your bag or pouch, so you can enjoy your favorite scent on the go.

The fragrance will soften and change over time. The freshness lasts for about three months. You can also bring your sachet to the shop to exchange the contents.

▲An object sachet with a front that can be opened or closed to create an accent of fragrance and color.

Source: Lisn

▲Very cute! It looks cute swinging in and out of your bag. Handy to carry around. 

Message from the shop... Talk to our concierge to find the right fragrance for you!

The shop is kept simple to allow you to discover each scent, and there are some scents and products that are not displayed in the shop. If you have any doubts about your choice of fragrance, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced concierge.

Simple interior design with no waste  

A simple design with a transparent glass counter and Japanese paper lighting in a bright space with a large window. The design of the shop has been cut down to the bare essentials, making it a very relaxed and comfortable place to browse. 

▲The interior of the shop is decorated with a spiral of handmade Japanese paper, which gives the impression of smoke rising from the floor.    

Source: Lisn

Lisn Aoyama location and contact details

   2nd floor, 5-47-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


   Opening hours:10:00-19:00

   Regular closing day: Wednesday every week

   Nearest station : 6 minutes walk from Omotesando Station on the subway Ginza line and Hanzomon line.