Japan Shopping: Kyoto Kyukyodo, a 350-year-old Japanese traditional stationery store, has reopened for the first time in 106 years!

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    • 2021-11-19

Kyoto Kyukyodo has renovated into a neat and relaxing space with a higher ceiling.

 Kyoto Kyukyodo started more than 350 years ago as a shop specializing in Japanese paper products for medicines and medical goods 。They are one of the few stores that still conveys the wisdom and customs, traditions and old practices of Japan through paper products.

 With the reopening of the store, a variety of new products have been created. Let's take a quick peek into the store and see what they have to offer as well as get the feel for the lifestyle of Kyoto's citizens!

▲ A variety of products are laid out on the tables in spacious and easy-to-see ways. Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

■ Recommended item 1: ayabato series (彩鳩)

There are products with a pattern of doves and doves facing one another. Doves are the trademark of Kyukyodo. In the past, most of the patterns were traditional Japanese designs, but this time, they added modern and pop ones to develop a wide range of products such as paperbacks, fans, folding fans, dishcloth, reuseable bags money envelopes, and memo pads.

▲ A fan with a design of doves that is very modern and cute, used to cool off in the heat of summer. ayabato fan 5,940 yen        

▲ New modern dove pattern (left) and Japanese dove pattern ayabato box for postcards 1,100 yen, for stationery paper 1,815 yen

■ Recommended item 2… Letter Envelope Set for sending news and updates (This is a limited edition product only available at this store!)

  This set includes letter paper and envelopes that change according to the season. They can put the set into a box and make it a gift. The design changes according to seasonal festivals such as the Gion Festival and the Daimonji Festival. The contents change every month, which is nice.

▲ They offer standard sets as well as seasonal ones. Letter paper and envelop sets: 1,045 yen to 3,300 yen (*The price of the sets varies depending on the contents.)

■ Recommended item 3... "MUG", a paper box designed by architect Hiroshi Naito in collaboration for storing personal items.

The number of things around us is increasing along with teleworking. If you organize your things a little bit and put them in the paper box, your surroundings will be neat. The boxes have a simple design with all 6 colors and no extras, can be stacked two or three high, and are painted with urethane for easy use.

Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

▲ This is a collaboration product with a designer Hiroshi Naito,A small box with a simple design. 4,730 yen  

Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

▲ There are various types of paper boxes, such as ones with yuzen patterns or tamesume-nuri (lacquering technique that uses a coloured-lacquer undercoating and a transparent-lacquer topcoat) Large box - 7,700 yen Small box - 5,060 yen  

Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

▲ Pencils have been used as writing tools for centuries. The "MARUKYU PENCIL" is a reprint of a pencil case design that was on sale in the Taisho era. This item can be purchased from one piece. 99 yen per pencil.     

Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

▲ Donald Duck block cube memo, 7cm x 7cm, 1 piece, 980 yen  

■ There is also a cafe inside the store where you can enjoy special Japanese tea and sweets, so you can take a break and relax during your shopping.

 The store space is designed to allow you to relax and feel the beautiful Japanese four seasons while being surrounded by soothing scents. In this environment, you can pick up and touch a variety of washi products and enjoy new encounters and shopping.

At the cafe located at the back of the store, you can enjoy a set of "Warm Hojicha Sencha" from Ippodo, a Japanese tea specialty store in Kyoto, and "Amazon Cacao and Raspberry Macaroon" from Motoi, a French restaurant that has won Michelin awards for eight consecutive years in Kyoto.

▲ They set the price of a set of Japanese tea and macaroons at 385 yen so that you can feel free to take a break and enjoy the tea.

Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

▲ the street was also rebuilt and reopened last November. This modern Japanese-style building with a bright courtyard is also a must-see.       

Source: Kyoto Kyukyodo

▲ The exterior of the store is so quaint that it is hard to believe that it is located in the shopping district where the people of Kyoto live.          

■ Location and contact information of Kyoto Kyukyodo main store

   5201 Shimohonnojimaecho, Anekoji Agaru, Teramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City


   Business Hours:10:00-18:00

   Closed: No holidays

   Nearest Station: Subways

3-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station

           5-minute walk from Sanjo Station on Keihan Electric Railway

           8-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Railway